I recently discussed how wing rules fit into the lifestyle of high value men. Here’s the example that inspired the post. I get a call from one of my gang on a Saturday night. He’s managed to get a top target out for drinks on a Day 2 but she’s insisting on bringing her friend. I’ve already arranged to take my girlfriend out so I decide it might be fun for her to watch wing work in action, and I can help my friend out and preselect him with my girl. So we jump in the bus and away we go. I’ll let him give the full field report……..

⢠I met this chick in [bar name]. The opener was very friendly, quirky and sexual “you look very tasty and I want a bite off your arm.” or words to that effect. I held onto her legs saying: look I am not off balance, I am just find your legs fucking sexy. It hit and I took her for a shot at the bar telling her that I won’t hit on her that night but next time. I made a mistake by talking about old relationships but was abe to turn it around and use it later against her. I didn’t make out with her. Just turned her around to check out her ass. She was very compliant to requests from the start.

Looks like this and of equal quality

⢠Text messages were exchanged. Nothing too crazy and nothing too boring. She bit on the crazy surreal statements and on the sexual hook that she missed out because we went on partying.

⢠The day 2 started with me meeting her and her Slovak friend in [West London]. We went to the Burger King and the vibe was a little bit awkward at the beginning. We were waiting for Krauser and his gf and when they arrived we went to a nearby pub for a pint. They paid theirs and we paid ours. Once outside, Krauser gave me perfect full attention and started creating the comfort which was missing. My girl opened up strongly when we talked about Brazil and the music and the dancing. It was a very authenticand real vibe with a few attraction spikes tossed in. They bit on it and the vibe improved. Krauser did a great job at DHVing me, creating comfort, giving me social proof, while letting me be the player. I had the alpha position leaning against the wall.

⢠We walked to [bar / club] and went into the pub next to it. Krauser gave me the seat that I needed: next to my girl. He started occupying the Slovak girl and I went straight into flipping the script. They had bought me a drink as we started playing it by the round. The first bit of game I ran was a very passive and subtle. I DHVed by talking about promoting and the fake girls that are beautiful and that I need more than just good looks. Talked about burlesque clubs and mixed clubs (freedom bar). We started to connect and I leaned back as she started to go off into a massive investment. Her body language was very sexual and she was leaning in strongly, her eyes were sparkly. I simply did seductive listening with eye fucking. My face was very plain, no nodding and very unreactive. I gave her the occasional naughty smile to bait more investment and she did. We went outside for a smoke and her friend followed. I gave Krauser a massive DHV by telling her that he is a real friend: a friend that you can call at 5 in the morning when you are in trouble. I befriended her in a very real sense. If I was âgamingâ one would have said I disarmed her, but it wasn’t necessary because they were genuine and interested in the first place.

⢠We went to [lounge bar] where I bought a round of watermellon martinis. We talked about what they like best about each other in terms of character qualities, playfully whispering into one girls’ ear at the time, intriguing them. That gave me the chance to ask what they like about me (love this routine because they verbalise why you are so great). They both said I’m very friendly, sociable, easy going and that they have never met a [guy] like that. Krauser was sitting with his gf letting me run the set. The vibe was strong: seductive, fun and authentic, while a strong genuine connection was built.

⢠Krauser went home at midnight and the first moment came where I had to run real game. We went outside, they didn’t want to pay entrance fees and I didn’t know a bar where you could go without paying entrance. They relied on me. One of them said: we can call it a night. I said: no girls, it is way to early to call it a night. Follow me. I just started leading towards [new location]. They followed. We went into the little bar next to the station that looks a bit Carribean. It was a blessing because the vibe there was a dream. A guy singing and playing the guitar. We were seated at the bar on stools. I was in the middle and the girls left and right of me so I could shift attention as I pleased. We had a few drinks and it got naughtier. A few AMOGs came in but I blew them out hard. A guy trying to solve logistics by asking: so how do you guys know each other. I blew him out by bringing it to sexual absurdity (in his world at least): “oh, nothing special. On a Friday we do the usual threesome and on a Tuesday I fuck them seperately.” Then a chair fall over at the other side of the room and I just said: oh shit! My intent was to guide the girls RAS (attention) to the new thing which meant that they were to back turn him. Then I caught their attention to keep him backturned. It worked. He simply walked off. Similar thing happened outside as we left. It was horrible to see the guy crumble, but I will make you look like an idiot if you try to interfere with my set. To the guy outside I just said: ok, cool. Anyway girls, let’s go and just led them away from him. Again I put him into spectator mode by asking the Slovak to do that dance again. By then she was already a bit drunk and did it. The guy had to watch and I asked him to join but he didn’t dare=massive value drop because not able to hang and be part of the group.

⢠I built more comfort by talking about a canal adventure walking from Camden to Paddington (little venice). My girl loved it and the future projection felt very solid.

⢠Physically I did a lot of side-way hugging with cheek on cheek contact. The eye fucking was always there. I touched her leg a few times but didn’t do anything crazy or forward. Not because I didn’t dare to but because I didn’t want to escalate in the wrong location. I had the feeling that I could have, but I thought: what’s the point. I know I can kiss her. I told her that we are going to have to delay the kissing one more time and smiled. Not sure she really listened when I said it and I could have escalated more. But at least I didn’t blow the sexual tension while she still knows that I am a sexual guy. I pulled her friend’s hair hard one time just to show them that I can be sexually aggressive. I gave her the RJ neck massage and stroked her behind the ear. I spanked the Slovak’s hand one time. The only thing I could have done better is not the intensity of the sexual escalation, but the direction: I should have directed it more to my girl instead of the Slovak. I did give them 50:50 but 80:20 would have been better. My aim was to show them that I have balls to escalate but that I won’t do it when her friend is around because there is no point. I also wanted to avoid the sexual predator box. It feels like I succeeded but I could have done a bit more sexual escalation. Knowing that sexual escalating is my problem (i.e. I am too forward usually) I chose to play it safe.

⢠The best mid-game bit was me biting on the Slovak’s âsocial trapâ by asking me if I had ever done anything completely crazy. I said: yes, a threesome. The look in their eyes was funny. Like: oh my god, he is weird. So I calibrated it. I said: I had a threesome 10 years ago with my gf and her best friend. It wasn’t one of these lets-just-fuck threesomes. We had a very strong sexual connection. We were laying in bed and the girls started kissing. Then one thing led to another. They were both leaning on me and we pleasured one after the other all night long. It wasn’t akward at all the next day. They spazzed out and got very turned on.

⢠The next golden moment was when my girl asked me if I fancied her Slovak friend and that she doesn’t have a problem with it. The best thing to do would have been to say: Don’t get me wrong, I really like her but I didn’t ask you to bring her on our date. Now you have to deal with it (while leaning in with the last sentence). What I did was that I said: Hmmm, maybe. Who knows. She kept trying to tease me and I didn’t bite. I just played it very vague but giving her clear signals that she is the one I am after. It was playful and obvious.

⢠The time came to leave. I showed them where their bus is. Her friend gave us a minute alone. I reminded her about our little adventure, gave her a kiss on the cheek


I like girls that are not playing games. They were sociable, open-minded, sexual and easy going. No game was needed. Yet, she wasn’t a “yes” girl. A good wing with set rules who knows what he is doing is key. Without Krauser handling the akwardness at the beginning and taking the Slovak on for a bit, I would have had a much harder time. No game is needed if you are dealing with girls of high self-esteem. A genuine connection is much better. If you meet two girls and one is your target direct 80% of your sexual attraction to the target. Do your escalation on her and not on her friend.

Part three to follow