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What I want in a man

February 11, 2010

My mother is in the habit for forwarding me office joke emails, especially on the nature of male/female relations. Being a close-to-retirement “progressive” she is dripping in misandry without even realising it. I’ve told her to stop sending me these things and every time I get some of this misandrist bullshit in my mailbox I send her a brutal rejoinder. But she won’t fucking stop doing it. Today’s mail was the usual shopping list bullshit of what a woman wants in a man.

I’ll not bother fisking it. It’s not especially anti-male, just lame and supportive of a misandrist frame. Just read it. Here’s my rejoinder – posted here because it is game related and I think summarises what you are looking to trigger in a target:

What I want in a man (pre-hitting the wall, so about <30 yrs old)
1. Makes my pussy tingle
2. That’s it.
3. OK, I should define that only criminals, bartenders, bikers, gang members and arseholes actually trigger the tingle.
4. Every other man should FUCK RIGHT OFF before I call the cops/HR/white knights and accuse you of sexual harrassment or rape. Nobody gets between me and my bad-boys!

What I want in a man (about to hit the wall, so 30-34 yrd old)
1. Good job, nice house
2. Will be my doormat and suffer my vanity
3. No balls. Preferably literally so I don’t have to have sex with this loser. I want to cuckhold him with a bad-boy’s child, if I can find any of them who’ll still fuck my aging old ass.
4. Extreme naivete from having been involuntarily celebate since he left university

What I want in a man (hit the wall, 34+)
1. Please please will somebody look at me. I’m intelligent, I’m witty, I’m independent, I have a successful career. I’m confident!!!!
2. No really…. hello…… somebody?????
3. This never happened to Carrie Bradshaw. Oh fuck, that was fiction wasn’t it.

4. Where do I buy a cat?

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