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Where did all the pictures and videos go?

November 26, 2010

Some of you have noticed photos and video disappearing from my site. This is a temporary over-reaction while I think about my new privacy policy. There’s three girls now who’ve discovered the blog after having my cock inside them, and thus discovering detailed posts (and video) of it in vivid colour. They’ve all been extremely reasonable about it but understandably concerned about their reputations.

When I started this blog it was private, and for a long time after going public my daily hits were somewhere between “zero” and “fuck all” (like Jambone’s blog now). It was essentially harmless to post pictures and video – there was no way google would turn them up and I wasn’t fucking any of the girls anyway.

Fast forward to now and I headline Google on all kinds of common searches. There is a realistic possibility of me getting girls into trouble. So I’m gonna have a think about it and figure out the best way to balance credibility and openess with some protection of privacy. Until then, make do with reduced media.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while should have no doubt I’m fucking a bevvy of hot girls. I probably don’t need the evidence anymore.

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