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Why day game works

August 18, 2011

Never underestimate the chodiness of the average chode. Once you’ve done a few hundred street stops it becomes part of your reality that if you see a girl you like you go talk to her. It seems…. just….. obvious. Why wouldn’t you talk to her? Taking some weird circuitous route seems so weird and circuitous.

I mean, what kind of man can’t talk to a girl he likes?

A pussy. That’s who. Girls already have a pussy of their own. They don’t need another. Fortunately for us the world is absolutely awash in male pussies. They are terrified of approaching and just stand there holding their cocks when a hot girl ambles past.

Unsurpringly whole industries have grown up around this fear of approaching. You have Game companies that teach you how to approach. And you also have internet dating sites that pretend you don’t need to. What is news to me is there are companies determined to fall between two stools: daygame companies for guys who won’t approach.

Witness this:

And this godawful moneypit. (mind you, it’s advanced level!!!!)

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