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Wimminz be deluded

April 25, 2010

I remember being in a statistics class at university. The lecturer stood there in front of us he demolished our self-images as special snowflakes. Quoting figures with actuarial precision he looked around the room and said x% of you will marry a work colleague, x% will emigrate, x% will die of a self-inflicted ailment and many other aggregate predictions. I put my hand up and said âIf 4% of men are gay and thereâs fifty men in this room, which two are they?â He responded that any individual life is difficult to predict but aggregation imposes a predictable pattern onto social groups. Whatever, I was just trying to be the smart-arse.

The point is this: Thereâs a limited range of common life trajectories, and most people conform more or less to pattern. This is inevitable. We have hard-wired biological impulses that drive us in certain directions, we have social institutions that make a narrow range of paths the easy option and all others difficult, and then we have a limited range of cultural archetypes to aspire to. People just arenât very different.

While reading this attention-whoring wail of toe I was reminded of a specific case.

The Enemy of Man and Woman

Feminism has created itâs own female archetype, which I call the Bitter Twisted Harpy, the pioneers of whom are now entering their dotage. The trajectory is thus:

The Pure
Age 0 to 15: Progressively absorb the cultural Marxism and vagina-entitlement of Western society without realising it, but be forbidden by society from acting out upon it.

The Trainee Slut
Age 15-18: Experiment with boys, who you still like, test the limits of your freedom and have a great time while being held back a little by natural impulses against bad behaviour and a poorly-formed self esteem.

The Useful Idiot
Age 19-23: Acquire a conscious intellectual sense of entitlement (feminism), manufacture a resentment against teh patreearchee, live a soft life parasitical upon parents and taxpayers, and build an enormous edifice of haughty arrogance to hide the fragile ego within. Obtain considerable validation from men and begin to overcome the instinctive constraints on slutty behaviour.

The Whore
Age 24-29: Full-on alpha-chasing and sport fucking while holding down a worthless paper-shuffling non-job in the public sector or a joke industry (HR, advertising, non-profits etc). Increased divergence between perceived and actual sexual market value based upon conflation of sexual value with relationship value. Growing resentment at being pumped and dumped, decreased ability to pair bond, gnawing fear grows towards terror at the vacuity of such a worthless existence.

The Sobering Drunk
Age 30: Baby rabies hits hard. Last gasp attempt to snag an alpha.

The Femo-Cultist
Age 31-34: Suspension of reality and retreat into denial via Sex and the City, Bridget Jones Diary, Cosmo and internet dating. Various rationalisations of having a successful career, having high standards and liking the person that experience has made them. A renewed dedication to go out partying and find a man. Much desperation and making a fool of oneself ensures.

Female. Aged 34.

The Cornered Animal
Age 35: High speed collision into The Wall. Absolute panic. Choices now reduced to (i) a skin-crawling beta and his wallet (ii) IVF intentional single-motherhood (iii) paternity trapping a careless player or worst of all (iv) buying cats and writing a feminist blog.

The Condemned
Age 36-40: A sustained period of regret, despair and hollowness. Compulsive sharing of oneâs story while abjectly failing to learn the lessons thereof.

The Witch
Age 41+: Gradual withdrawal from social life and resignation to occupying a similar social rung as the Omega male.

None of this is inevitable but at each stage the woman is acting upon delusions of her own self-worth and with a painful lack of awareness about the ensuing stages she is commiting herself to. As my gift to the young women of our decadent collapsing society, allow me to offer the following advice.

The Pure â Follow your creative and positive impulses to like those around you, to listen to daddy, and to be wary of the bad girls.
The Trainee Slut â Remember you feel dirty and guilty after sex for a reason. Donât let your friends bullshit you that you a stuck up loser if you donât co-sign their bullshit. Boys will like you more if you donât have sex.
The Useful Idiot â Recognise that life never gets easier than this and it will never be this easy again. You are riding the crest of a wave and should look to lock-in the best man you find. Itâs downhill from here.
The Whore â Donât come near me you disgusting skank. Ok, if I must offer advice here it is: accept you are nowhere near as fabulous as you think and these guys are just sport fucking you and thatâs why your relationships donât last. Each passing year you lose more of your eggs and the quality of man you can retain reduces. Learn to settle â you might still get a good guy. And learn some fucking wife skills so he has a reason to spend time with you that doesnât involve fucking.
The Sobering Drunk â Stay off the bottle. You are in the last chance saloon. Grasp the moment.
The Femo-Cultist â You have now become my enemy. Fuck off. If you want to step off the juggernaught before it hits the wall you need to reconcile yourself to settling for a beta and popping that first kid out as soon as possible. Remove other Femo-Cultists from your life â they do not want you to be happy.
The Cornered Animal â You are officially fucked. You will never achieve the happiness and contentment of a passionate pair-bond with a high quality man who loves you, nor will you raise happy well-adjusted children. The best you can get is a guy ten years older than you who is equally desperate for kids.
The Condemned â You primary goal is to avoid disgracing yourself in public and driving all of your friends away from you. You are already a leper, so try to be a polite one. Develop life skills such as intriguing conversation, cooking and dependability. If you are useful and agreeable to those around you then youâll not suffer ostracization. Avoid at all costs the various panic plays: a round-the-world cruise, a Spanish waiter, mistressing to an old businessman, cougardom.
The Witch â Thereâs no way back. Nothing you can do.

Lest this seem harsh readers should remember there is a far better, far easier life trajectory available to 95% of women which up until forty years ago was called ânormalâ. It still exists in the mythical fantasia called Nonanglosphereland:

Grow up, be nice. Have tentative relationships with boys you like. When youâre about 22 declare your fact-finding period over and start evaluating all future boyfriends for their marriage potential. Junk the careerist bullshit and focus upon getting a ring through a process of (i) being a woman a man would want to marry and (ii) screening out men who arenât marriageable. Commit early and ease into the housewife / mother role without a fuss. Enjoy the fruits of a long stable relationship with the most important man in your life.

Seeing as most Western women seem incapable of comprehending such a plan, much less actioning it. Hereâs a bullet point list in simple language

  • Donât get fat
  • Try to look pretty
  • Be nice
  • Donât put out until at least the fifth date
  • Develop wife skills
  • Avoid bad boys
  • Avoid bad girls
  • Donât fuck more than one man a year
  • Never ever fuck on the same day you met the guy under any circumstance
  • Donât pursue a career

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