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Wing rules part three

August 1, 2011

Here’s the last of three parts. Guest-written by Rocky….

With some wings I game differently to Krauser. I am guilty of being a bit unpatient with other wings in the sense that we are out gaming and neither of us wants to waste and opportunities. That is suboptimal I think. I think that the rat pack theory that Krauser posted is the real killer. i.e. you are more concentrated on having fun with the boys ( we are the strongest link and coolest motherfuckers in the place, as far as we are concerned) and you pull girls into that frame; they are allowed to have fun with the coolest motherfuckers that are around. Think of it as a war of love:you need to stick together and build a unshakeable unit because each one of you – no matter how strong you are on your own – is simply more likely to come out a winner if you stick together.

I base this observation on things I observed during my high school years. This is what it used to be like in school for me: a girl was never able to drop my value even if I thought she was hot. I knew that I am an integral part of that group of guys and girls that everybody admires. I give value to that group and I receive value from that group in equal amounts. A girl from outside didn’t mean anything and if she dared to blow me out or let me down she knew that she blew her chances with a lot of high value guys and girls at the same time. Why? Because we were approved to be the high value group by a lot of people and if I disapprove her then that will harm her reputation a lot. I was able to put a price on her pussy so to speak and I was able to give it a high or a low price. How did I get into that position? Our group had the hottest girls, we were good at sports, we organised big parties, we were known for getting into fights and had a bad ass reputation. I was part of probably two or three different high value groups (subgroups), which seemed even more ridiculous to an outsider: how can you roll with all these people at the same time? Well, high value groups recognise and associate with high value groups: football players will hang out with Formula 1 drivers and models etc. They go to the same venues for example. That’s obviously a different scale, but the concept remains in tact.

Back to the infield observation: For a girl (or a guy) to go against the grain by letting me down out was simply very risky. The likelyhood of her convincing all the others that I am an idiot was virtually zero, because everybody was afraid of becoming an outsiders as well. All outsiders knew that the rat pack wouldn’t fuck around long and they would simply start ignoring her and her value would systematically drop. So even if a girl wasn’t genuinely liking my approach – which was unlikely because I was giving her “approval from the cool gang” and all the sudden her value sky rocketed – she was very tempted to accept it for the fact that she didn’t want to become an outsider. Girls slept with me because of what I represented (her value increasing) and because of the fear of becoming an outsider (her value dropping). Note: a true high value group can only destroy itself by disagreeing or fighting with each other.If you realise that you will get A LOT of pussy just for the fact that this group exists and you are part of it, you will not want to jeopardise that group.

I have witnessed many wings. Wingmanship requires discipline, solid game skills and unequestionable integrity.

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