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Wizardry and PUA

April 29, 2019

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On a completely unrelated topic….. Those of you following the Vox Day / Owen Benjamin / Scott Adams corner of the livestream interwebs have probably heard the term “wizardry” and it’s close associate “word wizards”. Sounds a bit odd, doesn’t it? I believe in a thing called love wizardry so long as we define it correctly. It’s not so far away from Gandalf and Saruman afterall.


Cabal-inspired Satanic propaganda for kids, yesterday

The concept boils down to this: words change reality.

Now, that’s not literally the case. You look at the fantasy novel version of wizards and they stand on hilltops, grasp a wand, and incant into the winds. Ancient forces are unleashed [1] and with a big whoosh some fireball / lightning / blast smites into the enemy. Fantasy wizards are like fantasy satanists – they are dressed up realisations of a more mundane reality. Just as real-life satanism doesn’t require the elaborate trappings of goats heads, chalices of blood, and black mass orgies, nor does real-life wizardry require magic wands, capes, or flashes of flame.

Wizards are men and women who use words to shape your mind, in order to compel you to act in the world. Thus their words are – indirectly – changing reality. The Jews advertisers of Mad Men are wizards, the Jews propagandists in war are wizards, the Jews creatives in Hollywood are wizards, and of course daygamers are wizards.

Frame control is wizardry. By supplying a compelling series of assumptions upon which a girl interprets a situation, you are word-wizarding her. Bamboozlement is wizardry. By creating musical and hypnotic word salads that switch off a girl’s mind so she rides her feelings, you are word-wizarding her. NLP is wizardry. By controlling a girl’s focus away from anti-seductive thoughts and sensations and heating her up, you are word-wizarding her.

Rhetorical speech is wizardry. Eye mesmer is wizardry. Much of PUA is wizardry.

The good thing about daygame is we self-consciously learn the building blocks of wizardry and then patiently apply them in-field in a real-life controlled experiment until our skills are sharpened. Add some obsessive mind-wank theory junkie digressions on blogs and in books and an enthusiastic daygamer may develop quite an impressive suite of “spells and incantations”. I tell my students that Game is not a series of magical incantations to get into an unsuspecting woman’s pants, but that’s only half true. It sort of is.

I’d suggest my readers deploy their knowledge of wizardry in their own intellectual self defense. The whole world is trying to bullshit you one way or the other. Recently, we’ve seen the borderline-incompetent word wizard Jordan Peterson do a great job lulling millions of credulous men into his spells. Scott Adams openly and self-admittedly wizards his readership. Watch for people trying it on with you.

[1] I never did understand what cosmic rules govern the limits of magic. It always struck me as a literary cop-out.

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