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Womanizer’s Bible – Podcast

April 2, 2015

I’ve been seriously neglecting my YouTube channel. It’s so fucked up that my account login doesn’t even allow me to post comments due to some tech issue. So, I’m going to start a new channel and try to cultivate it. To begin, I will do a little reader-response material. This is the plan.


You post your questions here, or on my Facebook page, and then I’ll answer a sample of them in a podcast that I’ll post up on YouTube. So, how can I avoid this being just another “me too” podcast? I’m going to focus on more high-falutin’ topics than what I see other guys doing. In particular, I’ll welcome questions related to:

  • The player’s journey
  • Challenges and rewards of the player’s lifestyle
  • Euro jaunts
  • Meta game
  • Game history of ideas going right back to Ross Jeffries and Mystery
  • Count Cervantes style “most interesting man in the world” game
  • Socio-sexual hierarchy, lover/provider, SMV

And in order to keep it focused I will not answer questions related to:

  • Technical in-set questions on the street, texts, or dates (although meta-level questions on game technique will be answered)
  • How to get one particular girl you are oneitisy about
  • Beginners questions

If you drank your own piss yesterday, this podcast probably isn’t for you. Not yet, anyway. Once I’ve gotten ten or so good questions I’ll sit down and try my best to answer them. If that podcast works out well, I’ll do another. So, ask away. Be as specific as you can be, and don’t shackle yourself. If it can squeeze into the approved topic areas, give it a go.

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