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Womanizer’s Bible – The VIP room

April 7, 2016

Back in February 2015 I recorded the intermediate daygame seminar that would become my Black Book product. I had a bunch of fairly new daygame students in the room and took them through the key technical elements of creating attraction on the street and escalating on dates. While I was in London that weekend and in a seminar frame of mind, I decided to pull the trigger on another project that had been on my mind for over a year – a deep dive into the sociology of Game, red pill and advanced daygame. I wanted to weave together the disparate strands of “underground” knowledge that I’d collected over the years, and create a grand unified theory of Game.

That was rather ambitious. I felt like I could leverage some of my stronger points, what Scott Adams of Dilbert fame would call my “talent stack”:

  • High-level post-graduate education
  • Ten years working in international finance
  • Thousands of daygame sets
  • Six years of game theory obsession

How could I get all the benefits of mental masturbation / high theory without falling into the trap most such guys have – namely that they got it all from books and never proved themselves through actually banging younger-hotter-tighter? I got ten keen daygame enthusiasts into a room on a Sunday afternoon and ran a seminar called Womanizer’s Bible with the video camera rolling. Six hours later I emerged, completely depleted. It was fun. The guys enjoyed it.

A PUA forum, yesterday

A PUA forum, yesterday

Rather than release the seminar video, I kept it locked up on my hard drive and instead moved my focus onto a free podcast series bearing the same name. The podcast has been well received. It picks a narrow topic each time and dives deep. Something regular listeners have probably noticed is that it’s episodic in nature – there’s no clear progression between podcasts. I guess it’s like the fable of the blind men and the elephant. Each podcast I show you a different part of the elephant without ever giving a full view of the whole thing. Well, my original Womanizer’s Bible seminar is that full view of the elephant.

So, as I beavered away on my Sigma Wolf projects over winter I put a lot of time into preparing the seminar for release. I decided it would fit nicely as a “VIP upgrade” to the free podcasts. If that kind of thing floats your boat, check it out here for the grand old price of $49

Click on photo to visit sales page

Click on photo to visit sales page

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