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Yes, I treat women as a fungible, measurable commodity

September 15, 2011

There has been much discussion in Chateau RSG on how to rate girls on the 1-10 scale. We aren’t so full of ourselves that we believe girls shouldn’t be rated, as if we have somehow transcended the most basic male impulse of ranking girls. At the end of the day there is far more pleasure to be had from banging a ten than a four. The current system is thus:

<4 – Totally invisible. Utterly unthinkable

5 – You’d fuck her only if there were extreme extenuating circumstances such as violence, drugs, or a solemn obligation to a third party. Or, in Big Toe’s case, a rare flag

6 – You’d do her if it was easy, you’re horny, and you could smuggle her in and out without your friends seeing. You want her out of your house the moment you bust a nut and like eating a Big Mac meal there is a tawdy shame in the whole episode

7 – Neither shame nor glory. A nice girl who is worth some effort. Perhaps you’d take her on occasional dates and if her personality / vibe is sweet and her style your type, you’d even date her over the medium term

8 – You want to parade her around whoever will watch. You feel genuinely good about dating / fucking this girl. When your friends talk about her, they say things like “you should see his bird, she’s well hot”

9 – Simply appearing in public with her makes your heart swell with pride and random guys hate you. You consider dropping your other girls for her and occasionally calculate whether you’ve finally found the right girl to make a serious go with. She’s the realistic pinnacle of Game.

10 – She’s unrealistically hot, the sort of girl you rarely even see. When she walks into a room she’s like a beacon of value. You have no haters because men simply cannot comprehend that you’d be fucking her, so they assume you are a gay best friend. You cannot imagine any girl anywhere in the world being her superior, only an equal.

Ultimately there is no way to rate a woman on raw objective beauty. A cohesive rating system must be based on how she makes you feel and the social response you get for boning her.

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