It’s bootcamp weekend again and I’m back at the house resting. My phone buzzes as Thai texts:

Her – 20 mins ago [about half five, Sunday afternoon], a guy who is probably ur student or ur competitor try to pick me at covent garden! So funny ð
Me – Brilliant! Was is a skillful pick-up? Was he cool?  [no jealousy, just professional interest]
Her – I think he’s ok, not bad but cool. He followed pick-up step and quite natural but u r better ð  [she sat through my day game model lecture during the Street Storm bootcamp]


Thai asked for her picture to be taken down so here's a random Thai hottie...

Me – I’m one of the best in Europe ð [actually I’m not even the best in my house] Do you think he was a student or instructor? What did he look like (maybe I know him)
Her – I think he’s instructor cos he looks more skillful than normal men. He has blond hair, it’s as long as ur friend (who has blond hair and also exclusive gf)  [Of everyone in Chateau RSG, she considers Wisdom’s unique identifier to be that he has only one girlfriend. Yes, we’re all going to hell]. Probably in the same age as u and has same height as u. he wears “the northface” coat.
Me – Google image “andy yosha”. Is it him? He looks like xxxxxx [mild amog, I won’t repeat it here]
Her – Maybe yes. Is he in the same company as yad? cos i met yad as well, just walked pass. [I showed her the famous kiss close video of him a month ago]
Me – Yes, same company. Met or saw Yad? Were they together?
Her – I saw yad. I recognise only yad at first. Yad come with another guy but i cannot recognise if he’s the same guy who chased me. But the guy who wanna pick up came to talk to me alone.
Me – It’s always 1-on-1. So, the obvious question: what is your rating of Yosha? Score out of 10.  [obvious question to me is not “did you give him your number?”]
Her – The score that I’ll give him for pick-up skill? I give 7.
Me – Pretty good ð My score?
Her – Ummmm    Today I come with my friend but the day I met u I come alone. Btw, after I saw you talk to many girls at Starbuck, it should be 9 ð  [Referring to two incidents where I picked up girls right in front of her with coffee shop game, including a masterful set during the Street Storm weekend with a beautiful French girl. Didn’t go for the numbers out of politeness to my girl]
Me – Good girl. Do you feel honoured to be fucked by the top daygamer? ð Last question – did you think Yosha was cool enough that you would let him stick his cock in you? [another mild amog]
Her – Haha, If I don’t feel like that, why I’m still with u now ð and I won’t have sex with him for sure. He’s not my type and also less cool than u ð
Me – Haha. +10 points for you. This is a great story – I’m gonna write about it on my blog.
Her – Haha ok. But what if he’s not yosha? I’m afraid that u will be embarrassing.
Me – I don’t care. It’s a good story. He’ll see it and laugh. [presumably. He doesn’t seem the type to fixate on any one girl]

... and a gun-totting panda

For those of you who can’t read between the lines, I’ll spell it out for you:

  • I respect Yosha’s skills but this is my girl so I have to amog him to keep clear our respective values in her mind.
  • She’s the most unbiased judge possible. Not.