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You should be ashamed of yourself, running around after young women

January 6, 2012

I think we are all quite aware of the societal pressure to date women our own age. Up until you graduate university this makes sense because you are surrounded by your same age-cohort and that’s when girls are in their prime. But as soon as you enter the real world where you have to make all your opportunities, there’s simply no reason to limit yourself like that. Let the over-the-hill feminists scream and wail that they “feel more beautiful at 35” and they “know what they want”. I too know what I want – freshly bloomed girls of 20yrs old. As men we are shamed into dating horrible old women.

This video clip is a great pisstake of it. It begins as a shaming video then quickly turns it around for laughs.


It’s like if the Men’s Right’s Movement met in a pub for a quick drink. Lots of talk about manly things and girls aren’t allowed in the treehouse. When PUA Man comes in they shame him for chasing skirt… and then on the faintest whiff of pussy they are cutting each other’s throats for a shot. A mature man should be solid in his reality, with an unshakeable frame. No little dollybird should be able to lure him off-kilter.

A mature man on-kilter, yesterday

The number of times I’ve seen a young bird place herself into a group of men and immediately become the centre of fawning attention…… ugh.

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