I’m not sure words can express how relieved I feel at this moment. For the past four years I’ve had the mother of all open loops. “Nick, write a memoir of your entire skirt-chasing daygame journey. That’ll be fun,” I’d told myself in mid-2014. That single-volume project soon ballooned and I committed myself to four – yes FOUR – big volumes.

I don’t do things by halves, it would seem.

Anyway, that loop now snaps shut with a satisfying click. The final book is finished and I hereby announce it’s release. I’ll say more about it over the coming few weeks. Till then, I’m pretty sure anyone who has read volumes one and two already knows what they are getting in for by ordering this one.

There is one big difference this time: the order process.

I was so happy with Ingram’s printing of Daygame Infinite that I decided to do all my new releases with them. Their versions feel so much nicer in the hands, plus they are in colour, and more important of all Ingram can handle more complex page designs without blowing up their conversion software. So, Younger Hotter Tighter is only available the following way:

STEP ONE: Calculate the price. This is £30 UK, $45 US, $50 AUS, e40 EU, £50 Rest Of World [1] This includes shipping.

STEP TWO: Paypal me at [email protected] Be sure to include your name, postal address, the words âYounger Hotter Tighterâ and a telephone number for the UPS delivery man. See this example. You need to provide all of the information requested with the red stars * on the right side.


Please note that the difference in price between locations is entirely due to varied print and postage costs. My own margin is exactly the same each time. Canada is now Rest Of World because it must be shipped from the US.

[1] Postage is the big killer on this book. If you want it MUCH cheaper, order it with one or more of my other books. Email me with which books you want and which country to deliver to and I’ll quote you a price. Titles available in this way are: Daygame Infinite, Daygame Mastery, Younger Hotter Tighter, and Daygame Infinite Pocket (more on that very soon). All are full colour.

I’m hoping to update my Sigma Wolf website to make this all automated but God knows how long that will take. I’m a lazy man.