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Bachelor joys are sold off when you marry

April 16, 2007

The best time to get something like a used motorcycle or a used sportscar is when a man marries. The new wife gets the guy to sell such 'things'. In this case, a very nice collection of video games that spans twenty five years.

After some game playing in my youth, I got away from video games (and only recently began playing them again). Video-games can be a pathetic way to waste time and a bad way to become addicted. Despite that, for time per money, video-games are the best value for entertainment especially used games. Consider the prices for amusement parks, concerts, or buying tons of DVDs. Whatever the problems with video games, they do not put you in front of advertising like TV (at least, not yet) and tend to be free from political correctness (which seems to be why young males love it so).

Ask yourself, why would a new wife have a problem with a game collection? The games are already bought so they won't be a liability. At worst, they may just sit there innocently in a box. Come to think of it, do women sell their 'bachelorette' stuff? What would backerlorette stuff be? I can't think of any off hand. All I know is that the bachelor stuff disapears and the man lives in a "woman's world". The guy then is stuck with the garage with its utilitarian nature. People say that you would sell your "bachelor joys" if you really love the girl. But I say she would insist on you keeping them if she really loved you. Isn't love supposed to be making the other person happy and not a psychological machine to churn out money?

Notice the dog in the Ebay listing? Almost every young couple today seems that the girl gets a "dog" to become "the couple's dog" to cement their "relationship". Poor dogs. Nothing more than pawns to get the guy to think of "couple" instead of "he" and "she". And I thought cats had it bad.

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