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Bachelorism: An Epidemic?

July 28, 2006

I am tired of online ads for these matching services. Usually, it is a woman lying down almost nude with a huge command of "MATE" on the picture.

So how do these online matching services get the females? Do they have men showing their chest with a huge command on it of "MATE"? No, they get this instead.

Apparently, Bachelorism is a disease.

The world's number one dating and relationship company,, is taking a stand against bachelorism, a disturbing epidemic that affects more than 41 million men nationwide(1). has thrown its support behind a new campaign, , to raise awareness for the causes and cure for this devastating syndrome.

Single men are painted as babies that must be 'rescued' from oblivion. This is how many bachelors are seen... as losers simply because they don't have some girl. What intrigues me is what if someone did the same for single females? What if someone made an ad campaign that made single women to be hysterical and unrational but only a man could 'save' them from self-destruction? Do you think that would go over well?

Since no one else will do it, here, at Pook's Mill, I'll come up with an ad campaign similiar to bachelorism. This could be fun...

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