Semi-pussified males and men mistakenly believe Feminism is the Matriarchy. This is understandable because feminists are 'visible' because they are trying to invade the masculine sphere.

Women are smarter than men because they have manipulated us to not just work for them, we are to die for them at a moment's notice. It was during the 1940s and 1950s that women began pooling their leverage and cementing it over men. This was the time when 'engagement rings' from Da Beers were popularized. Media began turning women into goddesses and idealized the 50s nuclear family. That nuclear family idea is the woman staying at home and getting men and society to work for her. If a man was not married, he often could not even find a job. The employer would say, "I will give job to the guy who has a family because he needs it more." Up until this time in all of Human history, women had to work. Now, due to mechanization and all, they could get men to work for them.

Men working for women and obeying them- this is the Matriarchy. The victory was so complete and men were completely wrapped around woman's fingers. But this wasn't enough. Not content to have the masculine sphere work completely for the feminine sphere, women sought interest in conquering the masculine sphere as well. These are the feminists. As men, we can see them because they are entering our masculine world and trying to take it over. But the feminine world is invisible to men, and they had no idea how controlled they were.

Feminism has sparked a civil war within the Matriarchy. The feminists believe they have a manifest destiny to conquer the masculine sphere as well. They believe that freedom means that women are allowed to choose which gender they want to be (man or woman). Of course, men do not get this choice as we are sinking closer to becoming a legal underclass. For proof, know that woman has a choice of 'career' or 'homemaker' but man only gets on choice: 'job'. Women have careers, men only have jobs. Remember that.

As Feminists attempt to absorb masculine values including careers, promiscuity, and all, they come in conflict with the old style Matriarchy. At first, they were set to respect the boundaries of one another and existed side by side as feminists pushed for more control of the masculine sphere. Then something happened.

Men began to notice the feminists intruding on their world. And their initial complaints were against them. They said, "I will never marry or work for a feminist. Take her slutty career ways away from here!" Matriarchy who relies on men working for them noticed that their servants, men, were rebelling against the feminists. They saw the writing on the wall: if men can convince themselves to not work for some women (feminists), they may stop working for all women altogether. With speed, the Matriarchy began to attack the Feminists. But it is not a complete attack. Matriarchy is attacking Feminism only where they make female domination most visible to men. This is why when you hear a Matriarch write an anti-feminist book, she says, "Feminism has gone too far." The complaint is not that Feminism exists but only that it has gone 'too far'. What defines 'too far'? 'Too far' is nothing more than men noticing the manipulation.

Feminists view conquest of the masculine sphere as the key to power. They are, literally, power hungry. They do not care if some men stop working for them since they can now work for themselves.

As the two set their sights on one another and fight, this is the time for men to slip away from both.