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Coming of the Entertainment Wave...

September 11, 2006

An emailer asks:

I'm looking for some material on the increase number people downloading music,movies, videos, etc. instead of actually going out to get the physical product. i've notice a trend in some interesting articles...specifically this show i saw with charlie rose talking about the future of technology and entertainment...if you know of any books on that subject that would be great.

The way how I gain information on the entertainment industry is just studying the companies themselves. I don't know any books (though I'm sure there are probably some). But if you wait for books, it may be too late. Amazon is already announcing digital downloads. Apple is set for movie downloads. Like a tidal wave, the entertainment wave will echo the 'information wave' of the 90s that flooded the Internet. There will be a company that can network it all together somehow. Whoever that company will be, it will become bigger than Google.

Digital distribution of entertainment is only the very first (and small) step. The big thing will be doing entertainment in ways that wasn't possible before the Internet. Using video games as example, online multiplayer is just internet distribution of the bits. You could do that at home with a few people. But it was impossible to play a MMO at home. So the MMO games begin to create entertainment into a new way than before and generate ungodly amounts of money. I've noticed the game industry tends to hit the trends first before the rest of the mainstream industries.

So instead of television being digitally distributed from the TV company, a more disruptive element would be users distributing THEIR TV made content to each other and to the TV company. What if music was made by thousands of musicians each playing their part seperately and then adding it all together? Yes, this sounds silly. But I'm trying to think outside of the box, and I have no idea what the next 'big thing' will be. But this Entertainment Wave won't end at the 'digital distribution', it will be just as the beginning. Just as the Internet revolutionized information, it will do the same for entertainment.

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