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Counterfeit Pook?

July 26, 2006

Whispers swirl that I am a False Pook.

I get this email from Giovanni (who was, and might still be, a moderator on the Sosuave forum) that in order to extinguish the whispers I am to either post this blog in my profile or in my username on Sosuave. Keep in mind I haven't been to Sosuave in around two years. I suppose my profile linking to Mirror of the Soul and it linking here isn't enough to sway minds.

But I'm not going to do something so simple. First, I am too lazy to go to Sosuave ("But you are on the internet! Type in the URL!!!" Fool! I'm not going to go somewhere I don't want because others demand it.) Second, there is a bigger lesson to learn from all this.

Anyone can make a blog and proclaim themselves a Pook. But don't you think I've dealt with this before? I've encountered many forum posts (on other non-sosuave forums) where someone says, "Look what I wrote!" and, behold, there is the 'Be a Man' post! Don't you think the Pook on Sosuave knew about false Pooks and doesn't care about them?

"Why wouldn't Pook care about False Pooks? They are destroying the great name of Pook!"

The great name of Pook! The glory of Pook! The 'honor' of the Pook! Don't you see the irony of someone saying the 'great name' of Pook (which is the most absurd name ever)?

You will know the tree by its fruit. If this is a false Pook, then I will be uncovered by saying things that don't remotely sound Pookish. But if I am a true Pook, then wouldn't the words ring true now or eventually?

"You are not making this easy!" Of course not. That wouldn't be any fun.

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