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Crazy Videos

September 9, 2006

Since Sunday is a day of rest, why not crazy videos instead of crazy commentary?

Interesting shirt technology.

More wacky technology.

Why does this remind me of the Wii?

When Pook's women get angry at him, they act stupid like this:

Noah takes a photo of himself everyday for six years (you see why Emerson says 'eyes are the gateway to the soul', everything changes except the eyes).

Illustration of how technology can overshoot a market (*cough* PS3 *cough*)

A woman finally manages to impress Pook.

A montage from one of my favorite movies. I was trained in the theater sword combat not too long ago and wouldn't mind being like an extra or something (would be fun to get stabbed on a big screen). We need less chick movies and more movies like this:

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