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Evolution of Don Juan

April 2, 2007

This video sums me up.

The first time I had read Brave New World, in my youth, I could identify with Bernard as he was the social misfit who would do his own thing (and long for the women). But now, re-reading it, I identify more with Bernard's friend, the tall handsome editor who, no matter where he goes, lustful women go for him. The editor's desire is to be alone, to think, and he finds that more interesting than the 'picnics' the women bring.

For news, the website should be up soon. Do not expect majestic cgi code, with animations and professional graphics style. It will be a very minimalistic site interested in displaying the content than anything else. All the old Don Juan articles will be available up on it along with new stuff.

"But why isn't it up, Pook? Why? WHY!?" We are talking about a significant amount of content. You don't realize it when it is on the Internet since pages aren't *material*. A page can scroll on into infinitude. The Don Juan articles, alone, are around six hundred pages (single space).

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