I used to think, dating wise, that I was the fishermen and women were the fish. How wrong I was! We, happy men, are the fish. And women dangle the bait of pussy in front of our faces waiting for us to bite. When we bite, we get snagged on the hook. Relationships literally become a tug of war with women trying to reel the guy in and the guy, if he has spirit, fighting to stay in the ocean. Should the guy have no money or potential, he is "too small" and he gets thrown back. (Interestingly, women dislike most short men as fishermen dislike small fish.) Also, fishermen dislike using nets since that takes the 'sport' out of fishing (the fish can't fight back). Interesting that women tend to take pleasure in the 'sport' as well and hate it when the 'fish' jumps from the water onto the frying pan of marriage. She must prove she is a woman (a fisherman) by having some sort of way to prove her 'skills' (unless she is old and doesn't care anymore. Transparent prostitution would be to her like using a net.). When pulled out and caught (marriage), the fish is put to work given some more bait (sex) to get going. Should the woman tire of her fish, she divorces it which is putting the guy on the grill and getting as much meat (money) from him as possible. From her perspective, there are always more fish in the sea.

And what of the fish's perspective? In their natural state (single), they see themselves swimming around in an underworld. The bait and woman they could see as 'going towards the light', heading towards a new world itself! And once "married", the fish wants to go back to the big sea but he cannot.

Women, speaking to other girls of a new guy they met, refer to the event as, "Look at the BIG ONE I caught!" If a woman fishes too long, her bait becomes soggy and loose (ewwww). And, like a fisherman, women know how to jiggle the bait and make it "dance" to attract attention.

It is good to think of the juicy bait. But remember the hook hidden inside.

One fun thing to do is to swim to the woman but ignore the bait. The woman becomes confused! Eventually, she’ll move on to another fish and may do the ‘Let’s just be friends’ line. As Anti-Dump said, women will work with you if they like you. She knows that if you do not swallow her bait, she cannot get her hooks in you. While women are attracted to sexualized men and want them to be sexual towards them, always remember that on their back the meter is running. The hooks, remember the hooks. Prostitution is stupid for women since they can get more money by marrying. As Sheen said, “You pay the prostitute to leave, not to come.” Sheen knows that it is hook-less sex.

Remember the fish-hook metaphor when a woman says, “Hey, you want to hook up?”