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Friday Cat Blogging!!!

July 29, 2006

You missed it! Yesterday was apparently 'Friday Cat Blogging Day'.

"Oh no, Pook!"

Yes, OH NOES!!! I know you're thinking, "Gosh darn, how dare I miss the Friday Cat Blogging Day on Feminist Sites. What could have come over me?"

Fear not, for I have applied my Pookish talent to acquire some links just for you. Yes, I'm not making this up. On Friday, it is apparently tradition for feminists to post pictures of their cats.


I haven't the slightest clue.

One example of a previous Cat Blogging Day.

Here is another one with bad poetry mixed in.

Another example.

And yet another example.

This woman posts pictures of all FOUR of her cats...

And this woman has MOVIES of her cats.

If you look around feminist blogs, you'll usually find that they, the feminist, hold themselves Master of Everything Art, Poetry, and Music and consider themselves Expert of Culture. There you will find bad poetry, poor art, and the crucifying of Shakespeare (link above is named 'Shakespeare's Sister'!). They are so vulnerable on the Humanities front.

Anyway, while most normal people were out having fun, these feminists took pictures of their cats and posted them on their blogs. Next trend I suspect will be Cat Pageants.

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