After a disasterous showing at E3 2006, after a series of bad PR since then, and especially after the Blu-Ray diode shortage creating a token launch (and delaying European launch until well into 2007), Sony needed good news. Badly. TGS was going to be where Sony was going to fire all guns and show why they have been the leader in the console industry.

What happened instead was a conference worse than E3 2006. There was no mention of giant enemy crabs and hitting their weak spots for massive damage because... there was no talk of the games! Instead, Kutaragi justed waxed on about the future of networking. The only game showed was Afrika which had elephants (yay!).

The impressions of the games on display at the booths have been very mixed to disapointing. Framerate issues is said to be the cause. Many of the RPGs and other titles for PS3 are unconfirmed as it appears the companies have lost confidence in mighty Sony.

If you don't believe me, look at the game industry media that is all pouncing on Sony for this. Eurogamer just made fun of Sony while they live-blogged the TGS conference. People have no stopped being shocked and are just pointing and laughing. Ouch.

If you've ever wanted to see a major industry turn inside out, just watch the games industry for the next year. Something in the internal business of Sony must have gone massively wrong.


Kutaragi's Tokyo Game Show keynote had been considered by many to be Sony's last chance to make a big impression on an international audience prior to the November US and Japanese launches of its next-generation games console.

But while Ridge Racer 7 was confirmed as a launch title and shown running in high-definition, and there were also spots for Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight, Virtua Fighter 5, Final Fantasy XIII and Afrika, the company's decision to offer a focused technological discussion rather than specifying new products and features is likely to come under intense scrutiny.

In other words, expect to see many mock-ups and Internet memes like Kutaragi on the elephant picture above. The Internet was especially vicious with the E3 2006 Sony Conference: