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Japanese laws breeding matriarchy

August 31, 2006

I saw this link at Eternal Bachelor's blog.

"When my wife told me she wanted a divorce," says Mr. C, 63, "at first I literally did not understand what she was saying. Divorce? For what? Every day I went to work, borrowed money to build a home, repaid the loan, paid for her overseas vacations with her friends while I stayed home and ate cold dinners. . . . She says I wasn't kind, didn't show affection. She's been watching too many TV dramas! Japanese men of my generation don't go around telling their wives they love them!"

Well, OK, thought Mr. C -- if she wants a divorce she can have a divorce. Shortly afterward, their son got married. Mr. C attended the wedding without his wife. Then the son announced a child was on the way -- could his father lend him money to buy a house? Mr. C handed over his retirement savings. When the house was ready, he figured, there would be a place for him there.

But a nasty surprise awaited him. The spare room was reserved not for him, but for his wife. "I couldn't believe it!" he explodes. "She had everything all planned from the time she didn't show up at the wedding! I wanted to murder her!"

He lives alone now in a rented apartment. His son pays back the loan in regular monthly installments -- "but he never," says Mr. C ruefully, "invites me to visit."

The East will be torn apart more by Matriarchy than the West would be. I like the East. I like the customs of 'saving face', of the rich family structure the Japanese had. Matriarchy will just rip it apart and the men, especially the older ones, are going to be hit very hard.

This is an example of how a law will pervert natural society. Marriage, once was productive, is now made by that Japanese law to become an instrument of plunder. Why should any person have such legal power over someone else?

Seducers need to awake from their ego like sleep to realize these laws are going to come for them too. It is natural for a man to eventually settle down and desire marriage and children. But no seduction in the world can save you from these laws. You cannot charm the law away. If you do get married, be sure you invest majorly in ironclad pre-nuptials like rich people have.

People peering at the commentary from the outside see only 'hatred for women'. But the problem is the law itself. No one is an angel and if the law allows you to plunder from someone else, nothing can stop it, not even religion or morality. This observation doeesn't come from a bitter outlook but from the annals of history. If the law gave such power to men, men would become just as evil. This law is legalizing plunder which is turning people evil.

And those who laughed at Anti-Dump should read the Japanese story carefully. A woman can marry you and still despise you. Anti-Dump's Machine was to weed out the uninterested women. This is why I think young men need to focus on not getting women interested in you but weeding out uninterested women. "But what if no woman is interested?" Then you have free time to hang out with your buddies and avoid the trap of The Way. The loneliest thing in the world is not to be single but to be in an unhappy marriage.

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