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Law doesn't care about your karma

July 27, 2006

Due to posting the Esther Vilar book, I saw an interesting reviewer say that he had to 'let go' of the book whereas on the first review on the UK Amazon site, he praised it.

Here is his first review:

The Truth Hurts, 16 Nov 2003
Reviewer:M. Maguire (Madrid, Spain) -

This book by Vilar is deadly serious. It is not a tongue-in-cheek satire at all, and it pulls no punches in its brutally honest assessment of "Woman". Back in the 70's Vilar herself was vilified by women everywhere and crucified by the feminist establishment after daring to break the unwritten rule, the Female Omerta, to speak out and expose her gender for the "lazy manipulative scheming parasitic prostitutes" that most men learn painfully by the age of 30-40 they are, always were, and always will be. Along with the great Otto Weininger's "Sex and Character", also available from this site (I'm still amazed these two books are even in print in this warped feminist age!), there is no deeper or more honest exposé of the utter soullessness of woman and how she is, on all inner Spiritual and metaphysical levels, diametrically opposed to Man. Literally at the opposite end of the Spiritual spectrum. And this volume is all the more forceful in that it was written by a woman. It should be read by all men everywhere. It should be required reading by all pre-pubescent boys, handed down from Father to Son.

And this is his second review, three years later:

Letting go of Vilar, July 21, 2006
Reviewer:M. Maguire (Madrid, Spain) -

I posted a review of this book on the site quite some time ago, and since it won't let me post twice I must post here instead. This review is to detract everything I said in that first idiotic post. For the longest time I thought low of women and with each unpleasant miserable experience my conviction became stronger. Holding such attitudes, which I now know to be false, I then sought out material such as this book and books like Sex and Character by Otto Weininger. I now realize that far from reading this material for knowledge I was seeking it out to simply confirm my existing misconceptions. Recently I have undergone something of an inner realization, a complete change in my understanding of other people and especially of women. I have realized that your own thoughts and habitual mental states create your experiences in this "reality". If you think low of women your thoughts will come true and you will have nothing but terrible experiences with them. Each experience will confirm in your deluded mind that you were correct in your assumptions and only increase your conviction that they are low, and thus the vicious cycle started by your own mind will continue, getting worse and worse as the years and decades pass - until one day you awaken and realize the problem lies not with the opposite sex but with your own mind and delusional thought patterns. A woman will experience exactly the same if she clings to similar attitudes about men. I totally reject and detract every stupid word I said in my previous post on the UK site, and I apologize to my Sisters for any hurt or anger those foolish words caused them. Women and Men are equal. There are good men and good women, unpleasant men and unpleasant women, kind men and kind women, selfish men and selfish women. If you hold the attitude that ALL women are this way or that way, then those are the ones you will meet in your life since your thoughts create your reality. Realize that this is not true and instead think highly of them and your experiences with them will change for the positive.

I am all for fighting negativism, and I'm well aware the pessimistic outlook Weineger had on women, but this second review just makes me laugh. I think part of the problem is that he is from Spain which may (or may not) have been feminized. Esther Vilar's book is describing, mostly, North America and the UK (feminization is highest in English speaking countries).

I might have said the same thing he did several years ago. My biggest criticism for the so-called 'Men's Movement' is their rampant pessimism and gloom and doom. This always repelled me from them (and probably others). Two things showed me there was something very serious going on.

I knew a little law, not much, so I investigated that. I found that it was true that decent men were being screwed over in family courts and divorce. You have widescale paternity fraud. You have absurd sexual harassment laws and rape claims. I saw the double standards of teacher sexual abuse: slap for the woman but decades long imprisonment and stigma attached the guy. Also, men have no reproduction rights. Even if you are a sperm donor, you may still have to pay child support.

But the second thing was the breaking point. I was trying to understand why people stay in the rat race their entire lives. If you try to tell a girl you want to become financially independent, she will run for the hills! This baffled me as didn't women want ambitious men who desired to become rich?

I made two financial statements. One for man. One for woman. I realized that women placed their husbands in the 'asset' column. Women don't look for husbands, they are actually shopping for assets. The bigger your income, the more likely they will cling to you. This was the reason why most people remained wage slaves. The woman would usually work temporarily. Then she would retire "for love and family". The man was stuck being a wage slave his entire life.

This sounds all nice and wonderful with the 'think positive and you'll get positive' stuff. But anyone in North America or UK (at least) need to know that the reality is that there is a legal noose around your neck. The harsh legal situation isn't something people want to talk about but you better understand it fast. I don't want any of you to become a statistic of stupid laws.

What the reviewer is describing is 'karma' which I can understand. But he is ignoring the legal and financial leveraging against men entirely (which may be due to him being in Spain for all I know).

Here is a question: why did feminists sneak into the Violence Against Women's Act penalizing legal action against foreign brides? If a gentlemen want to marry a Russian or Brazilian, who does that matter? It is a free nation, is it not? Consider how rampant illegal immigration is yet the state will act on FOREIGN brides? The double standard is a female one and leads me to believe that mexican illegal immigration is allowed because it saved feminism (who else would be the nannies?).

I'm looking at these highly penalizing (and secret) laws, and I cannot deny that there has to be a Men's Movement to correct and educate on this matter. While I don't like the Men's Movement pessimism and doomsdayism, they are correct about the penalizing nature of these laws. You can be the world's most wonderful husband and still be raped by the Family Court. As a man, the State believes you are to be given duties, not rights. And the predecent law these penalizing laws are based on is very brittle and flimsy. It is ripe (and proper!) to be challenged.

Power corrupts. It is not that women are evil. It is that there is no social restrain on their behavior, no stigma, and that women have been given massive power by certain laws (which to my foreign readers, may not include you). I cannot recommend marriage to any man with these types of laws in place without the tightest pre-nuptials. And perhaps, not even then. The state has decided that marriage grants, legally, only duties on the men and only benifets on the women.

Law and finances are not what you 'think'. No wonder everyone is poor and require lawyers.

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