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Life of Security

January 8, 2007

His world is but a stage,

For the women to play their parts:

They have their scripts and lines;

And his world in life plays many stages,

His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,

Crying and puking in mommy's arms,

Understanding that when she is happy,

The world is in order, and when she's sad,

The world is so broken. From this point on,

Women become his measurement of life.

And then witness the teenage second stage,

His world to now give girls dates and boyfriends,

To be paraded like a caught war horse,

And trotted past her friends like a prize caught.

Of that then comes marriage arrowing fast,

With life well stung to sleep with pricks of love.

'Love!' 'Love!' Everything shall come from this 'love'!

And so he thinks of pies, flutes, dreams of bliss,

Forever a life of security.

He weds to see the girl to happily ascend

Into a princess for the day, and he

Becomes her majesty's court jester

Till lifetime’s end. But this 'honor' does prevail,

Full of strange oaths and pledges,

Of dreams bled through Love’s demanding sores,

And stuffed with feeling makes this stuffed man

To seek the bubble reputation

Even in the Church of God. Then arrives

children with his wife playing the mother,

Never again will she have a passion

To play the mistress fire ever again.

And so witness the fifth age of his life,

Where days of youth are ground into paychecks.

This sparks mid-life crisis of fast fury,

And ends in a whimper. The sixth age shifts

Into frog shaped bodies and groans of pains,

With glasses on nose and big belly front,

To be at grandchildren's every event,

Carrying old age to oblivion.

Last scene of all that out-does all others,

That ends this strange eventful history,

Is failing organs and a rising care.

Does he become his world at lifetime's end?

His hope drowns as his wife has one more role:

That of the nurse. Passing away, they say,

"His poor wife! For what she had to endure!"

A life of security he did have,

Because the price of freedom was too high.

Never realizing his great potential,

Of dreams, desires, and destinies.

Never admitting this he lies and lies,

Until his last breath of earth. For his life

Was filled with 'honor' betraying no one,

Except himself…

...............Except himself…



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