"Why won't you stop harping about the 'be who you are' stuff?"

Because it is the most important lesson I ever learned. Our lives seem so powerless because we actually GIVE power to others to define us, to shape us. For example, on Sosuave and life, you've certainly seen guys give women so much power to define the guy in question, to judge the guy, to determine the guy's worth. Instead, why don't we have the girl prove HER worth to us!?

It is time for you to define the rules for your life. If you give up those rules to anyone else, then YOU are to be blamed for where you are in life. Don't blame women, corporations, politics, or anything else. You define your life.

"We demand more business information from you Pook!"

Then consider this the first lesson of becoming a CEO. CEOs I've met in real life do share one quality: they don't care what anyone else thinks of them. It takes a hefty set of balls and confidence to direct a business. The CEO is the captain. Now, they certainly do care what the consumers, shareholders, and employees think, of course. But they only care within a set of strategy. Why would a CEO ask his employee advice on how to run the business?

If you can't define rules for your own life, how they hell are you going to define rules for your business?

In fact, this Pookish First Commandment even applies on a far greater scale. You, from sosuave, know about the dillemma of the Nice Guy. But what about Nice Guy Nations? What about Nice Guy Military? Act like a wimp on the world's stage, terrorists will smell weakness and bomb you. No nation has ever been attacked for being too strong.

For our personal direction, we always hear, "We need to obey the opinion of society." What is society and why let it define how your life is? And for the national direction, we always hear, "We need to obey the opinion of the world." What exactly is this 'opinion' of the world and why would a nation let itself be defined by other nations? Isn't the point of being independent country is for the country to define itself?

It is my hope that America tries to be America, the UK tries to be the UK, France tries to be France, and so on. Why should America try to be like France or France try to be like Algeria? It is like the entire world is infected with feminzation. There have been too many reincarnations of Neville Chamberlains (picture above) and not enough Churchills. Worrying about what everyone else thinks, the world is caged in fighting minimalist wars. By not allowing the full might of power to be unleashed, the problem just grows. I hear with the battles in Lebanon that terrorists wear civilian clothing and fire their rockets from houses. They are using the West's virtue as their primary weapon. They know no one is going to bomb those houses.

I believe most addictions and disorders are due to people not being who they are and giving the rules of their life to someone else. Eventually... they crack.

Imitation is suicide. There is nothing I find more disapointing than someone trying to be someone else. There is nothing more depressing than living your life to someone else's vision. You have a soul for a reason.