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Matriarchy Dictionary

July 1, 2007

Capacity to Choose- Moral Smugness. (The most self-righteous of people preach what they have to gain.)

Charisma- Rabble-Rousing. ("He is so charismatic! Look how the people follow him." Rabble-rousers and demagogues were frowned on by aristocracies, just how elites are despised by democracies, but since there are no more aristocracies as there once were, the application of charisma has given justification to rabble-rousing.)

Creativity- Expressing my inner feelings. (Tell that to an engineer. Too bad they are all male.)

Dating- Fishing for a 'Life-Style' (see below).

Disapproval- Attack. (Two gay guys are going at it on Main Street. An onlooker says, "I disapprove of this. It is wrong." The weight of political class turn, as a single unit, to say, "Why are you attacking gay people?" If you encounter a slut who has five children by different fathers, you say, "Such bad behavior! What a slut!" The response is, "Why are you attacking single mothers?")

Equality- Accommodation to others. ("Handicap have equal rights. Therefore, we must accommodate your business to them by installing expensive ramps even though you are on top of a steep hill." "Women have equal rights. Therefore, you must accommodate them in their interests.")

Eroticism- Body centric sex. (Through the prism of empiricism made popular by Freud. Plato's definition of eroticism was not body centric. Neither was Nietzsche's.)

Feminine- Sublime work. (Ahh, the new aristocracy. Interior decorators, modeling, and so on.)

Lifestyle- Doing whatever one pleases. (The 'gay' lifestyle. The 'druggie' lifestyle. The vacations-r-us lifestyle.)

Love- Living through someone else. (For the man, living a slave morality to a selected woman or women. For the woman, living a master morality over a selected man or men. For politicians, morality for new taxes. For actors, trips to Africa to talk about land mines.)

Job- Men's work. (Men have 'jobs' but women get 'careers'.)

Masculine- Peasant work. (Often is hard labor which is suited for 'inferior' men.)

My Opinion- My prejudices. (Since all opinions are 'equal', that means you all must accommodate to your neighbor's opinion no matter how absurd it is, etc.)

Politics- Casting a gray net of abstractions to turn the world pleasing to our sense of right and wrong. (If you want out of the net, start studying law or business or demographics and you will see what is really going on behind the abstractions of demagogues.)

Sex- A bodily reaction involving multiple orifices resulting in a lifestyle. (Talked about as a bodily reaction in the similar manner as pooping, diarrhea, or scratching an itch. Before, one's cherished emotions would never have been described in such low ways. This is feminized sex- sex of comfort, sex of relaxation, sex of sense of achievement. It is treating sex like a bubble bath or stacking blocks. Gone is the teleology of sex. There is no final end be it from reproduction to transmutation. Sex has been turned into a lifestyle. To men, it is the slave morality of the husband or player who in pursuit of this sex will obtain all these things. To women, it is the master morality of the wife or mistress who gets material gifts, entertainment, services, furniture, and a house. To gays and lesbians, it becomes a master morality which they will have no disapproval. To religion, it has become a slave morality to the 'theology of the body' or something else. What they all have in common is that sex has turned into a lifestyle with no teleology which shows why reproduction and transmutation are down in Matriarchy countries.

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