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More reasons why I am not a MRA

May 27, 2008

There is nothing wrong with single issue advocates. The problem occurs when it starts to override everything else. Take the Elian Gonzalez scenario. MRAs, seeing only the boy returned to his father, begin immediately applauding. They cheer the Janet Reno who sent the troops to invade the house for the boy on one side while condemning Janet Reno for Waco. Never mind that children belong to the State, not fathers, in Cuba.

MRA has won ZERO political victories. Despite this, many have moved further and further to more extreme views. No more is it about equal rights for men as it is about taking away woman's right to vote and changing consent law among other things. This tells me most MRA are not really serious about the cause.

when people are serious about changing laws, they aim for the small victories first. Socialists do not declare they want to nationalize all industry. They would be dead in the water politically if they did that. Instead, they begin with small victories and so on to bigger ones. If MRAs were serious, they would try to make change in a tactical manner. Most don't have the self-discipline to do this. They would rather take a news story about some feminist or woman, proceed to bash it, and then leave satisfied only to return later and do it all over again. It does not seem such people are enjoying life. And enjoying life is how one converts and wins.

There are two matriarchies, the feminism and the 'traditional women' types. I've noticed when we attack one, it strengthens the other. Perhaps the answer is to pit the matriarchies against one another. Let them duke it out somehow.

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