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"No, I don't have children!"

December 10, 2007

This is what I find myself saying quite frequently. When younger, I would get the question of "Do you have a girlfriend?" that would come up. But now the question is not even that of marriage but "Do you have any children?"

Everyone around me in the workplace has children... yet none of them are married. Scratch that. One woman is married but her husband is in jail for armed robbery. She has his name tatooed on her chest (how do I know that? Let's just say she likes showing her cleavage).

Another guy is married but his story is a little different. He did the happy dance with a young mexican girl and got her pregnant. The father threw out the young mexican girl and he had to marry her. Other characters are even from different states but are stuck here because they got the girl pregnant.

"No. I don't have any children."

They look at me with amazement, with astonishment. I look at them in the same way.

Gentlemen, if you are familiar with what I've written in the past, you know I am not a friend of the "OMG, sex opportunity? Go for it ALL THE TIME!" mentality. I've turned down far more sex than accepted. The reason being is that I believe in transmutation. But the point comes to a question I have been wondering about...

Is sex a liability or an asset?

To the woman, it is an asset. Hence, she calls her boobs and butt her 'assets' as they put money in her pocket (literally). But what about for a man?

"Liability, Pook! There is no such thing as 'Free Sex'! And sex never generates money for the male."

Oh heavens! We are guilty of looking at sex in that same narrow dimension. Sex includes the differences of gender. Sex, combined with passion and faith, is the triumvirate that allows transmutation.

Is debt a liability or an asset?

"Stupid question, Pook! How can there be any doubt? Debt takes money away from your pocket. It is most certainly a liability!"

For the majority of people, debt is a liability. But for wise and the achievers, debt can be made into an asset. Most people go into debt for deappreciating THINGS like cars or large TV sets. But if you go into debt for buying a business or investing in real estate, that can very well put money into your pocket. Borrowing money to build the business is common yet it is still debt. Very few think of it that way. Those who see that other side will go far.

In the same way, sex is a liability for most people. Debt is dangerous and should be respected. However, sex has stronger teeth. For men, sex takes away YEARS of their life (as they chase girls around), stunts their growth (as they try to 'socialize' with girls they bring themselves down onto their lower level and stay there), generates debt (need the cool car to get the chicks, the house and wedding for the girl, the dates, and so on), as well as spawning annuities (i.e. babies which are VERY expensive).

Stupid men treat sex, like debt, as a liability. With using debt badly, they just go further and further into debt. But using sex as a liability, they sink further and further into mediocrity. They become... nothing.

But wise men will treat sex as an asset. Transmutation is the big key. For example, it is well known the more sexualized the man, the better salesman he is. The wrong label for this effect has been called 'charisma' but 'charisma' is nothing more than someone who has developed a high sexualized character. Einstien believed in transmutation even go as far as saying that if a man had not made any benefit to science before he was 30, he never will mostly because of the sexual rise and fall within the body. Talented artists have transmuted. Dante could not get Beatrice but turned her into a gigantic heavenly body in his [i]Divine Comedy[/i]. Shakespeare is flooded with sexuality. In ancient sports, athletes would keep away from women as they sensed it would sap their strength. Consider Tiger Woods before and after he married his supermodel. Consider Napoleon when he pushes aside Josaphine for a young honey. Consider Beethoven constantly unable to get the women he wanted so he channeled that energy into symphonies instead..

Passion. Sex. Faith. The combination of these three, mixed into one another, creates the genius. Passion is what you love to do (say music). Sex is the awakening and channeling of the sexual alchemy element inside you. Faith is the yearning of ascension, of spiritual upwardness (which modern psychology and Rousseau beliefs cannot emulate).

Mediocre people have NONE of those three traits.

AVERAGE people focus on one of those traits.

The EXCEPTIONAL people have two of the three traits.

But the GENIUS has all three traits.

Passion (let us say the love of music) becomes very DULL without the sex element and becomes FLAT without the faith element. Most music today (all the love pop song nonsense) tends to combine the sex element. A few artists, while keeping up to that formula, stumble some faith elements in to make something truly interesting. Then, alas, they become frustrated as they are unable to replicate that success.

Man is a board on the rock of sex. Most men break but a few are able to catapult themselves. Majority of humans will never know about transmutation. They are doomed. Those that discover it find it only after forty. Only a precious few can utilize it when young.

When surrounded with unmarried people with kids, one has to respect that sex has teeth. Ignorance of it is the biggest cost to one's life.

For the guys who have regrets about not recognizing or taking advantage of 'opportunities' of girls early in life, I want you to consider something. Would that one girl have satisfied you? No? What about girl two? Or girl three? "None would satisfy me, Pook," you said. "I would still be horny as ever." Then why, in God's name, do you think girl four, girl five, or girl six will make any difference?

Just as the guys who got depressed because all their friends were getting married who later saw them get divorced while he remains a happy bachelor, look at the guy who DIDN'T jump at every opportunity a lady threw his way. Sure, he may be depressed and regretful. But that is only short term. Long term, he sees the guys chained to girls they bonked with a kid or marriage or something else.

Sex can be more destructive and enslaving than debt. But if debt, properly used, can make wealth, imagine what the sex element can do.

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