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Real Ladies are Rare

May 6, 2007

There are two journeys.

The first is that of the Don Juan. You thought you were the Cool Guy with your Nice Guy techniques or speed seduction strategies. When you heard, "Be a man!" you thought, "What! I have a penis, do I not? Doesn't that automatically make me a man?" No, it doesn't. And when that realization sunk in, you began to see the root of all the troubles you have had with not just women but with life as well. You began to see that most males were wimps who bent over for groupthink and refused to stand straight with their own conviction. Real men were rare.

You resisted. You fought at the truth. But you realized that Nature did have her own laws and that your fate was to become a man (for you were not one).

But there is a flip side to the Don Juan. It is a second journey that must be taken.

While real men are rare, it should be no surprise that real women are just as rare. What! You protest this? Of course. Just as you fought the truth that real men were rare (and you weren't one of them), so do you fight the truth that real women are rare in the West (and you haven't been dating them).

Just as your eyes began to pinpoint the real men from the wimps, now your eyes will begin to see the real women from the matriarchs (including both feminists and 'I'm a strong woman' "traditional" gal). Just because a female has a vagina doesn't mean she is a woman (just as a male having a penis doesn't mean he is a man).

Just as real men despise wimpy males, real women despise the matriarchs. Know Pook's GOLDEN RULE to evaluating a woman: You can judge a woman by how she treats those who will do nothing for her.

I know it is hard. It is lonely at the top. The only advantage to mediocrity is that they are in plenty of company. The talented, the original, the movers, are very few and alone. But since real ladies are just as rare, they are just as lonely and disgusted at the mediocrity that surrounds them.

When you found out how rare real men were, the world changed before your eyes. But once you know how rare real women are, the world will again change before your eyes.

"But I don't like this new world, Pook! Bring back the old one! A world with real ladies rare is scary to me! I prefer the world where a female was considered a woman just because she had a vagina."

Oh, you terrified mediocrity! Are you a Don Juan because of your narcissism? Those who want a life based on true-ness, not killing time by playing ego-stroking games, will not see the first journey (the Path to Don Juan) as a pleasure filled narcissism soaked walk to I-Am-Demi-God-To-All. They will see the steps as liberating but as growing pains. It is PAINFUL at first to stop being a wimp, but it is much more liberating. The narcissist filled Juans see the Second Journey as hellish and even evil (as the wimps do the first journey). Why? It is because it cuts away one's narcissism. You prefer to live in an imaginary world where you are a demi-god rather than the real world where things may not be as you want.

What does the Nice Guy...
the Speed Seducer...
the feminist...
the "strong woman" matriarch...
...all have in common? They are narcissist. The humble man is invincible to these delusions. The fool tries to effect other people's egos (by tearing down or by creating envy) while the sage tries to keep his own ego in check.

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