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RIP Eternal Bachelor

June 22, 2007

Eternal Bachelor blog is no more. All the archives are also gone. It is up to Duncan to whether he explains more on the complete shutting down of his blog. The removal of the archives strikes me a little suspicious.

There were two problems with Eternal Bachelor blog:

One, it was becoming very popular.

Two, Duncan had put his full name on the blog and his content could be a little too close about his work environment.

Of course, the blog's demise could be exactly what was said: ranting takes too much time and he got tired of it.

Regardless, it is an important reminder to never use your real name or put up pictures of yourself on the Internet. They can and will be used against you. You don't want a potential employer to be able to google you and find rants against women or something else. Putting out real fact about you on the Internet may win picture contests but it may haunt you in the end. I know if I hadn't stayed anonymous, "Pook" and my real self would be connected which would end up either silencing "Pook" or "Pook" gets twisted in such a way to please those who hold leverage over me. In the last US Presidential election, someone who came out and spoke against a candidate based on previous real-life experience with him, and was very effective at doing so, ended up suddenly getting fired from the job he had worked at for decades. Grudges linger in politics. When a political person does not get what he wants, long knives come out.

Men are most vulnerable in two ways: when they are single (and any woman can be sent to 'get' them) and when they are not financially secured (i.e. they work for someone else). The reason why high-up US political candidates are always married and wealthy is because only then can they begin resisting the two above consistent attacks.

You must have your own financial system if you wish to really speak freely (and effectively) against elites. And even then, they can throw endless lawsuits at you to burn up all your money. One major radio political commentator in America was "under legal investigation" for oddball crimes at least for three years.... with no charges ever being made.

Or consider the Duke Lacrosse Team case. Those boys survived that legal challenge because of their wealthy background. You or I would have been steamrolled.

In legal matters, err on the side of caution. Remember that and were cited in recent U.S. legislation (or was it some kooky senator? What does it matter...). The only reason why feminists haven't shut down MRA sites is because of the Supreme Court's rulings on the Internet being a place for 'free conversation'. But if they know who you are in real life, they can come after you.

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