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Rogues and Knaves

June 28, 2007

When I expand my context of sexuality, women, and Nature, there are times where I hit a wall. And there are times where a breakthrough comes that unleashes all sorts of gems.

How fast we forget the maxim: "Men and women are different." We apply it only when we face a contradiction that cannot be explained rather than plunging into the depths to pluck out the mystery. If men and women are different, then they have different contexts.

Men and women have different contexts of honor.

Men and women have different contexts for love.

Men and women have different contexts for smarts.

By realizing that women are smarter than men (since it is smarter to have someone work for you instead of do the work yourself), it was a breakthrough that has unleashed many gems.

We know that love ends up being enslavement to men and power to women. This is why women are all for "love" including Hillary Clinton. While Mrs. Bill Clinton advocates love in politics, it means the same 'more power'. We all know how men feel in love. But how do women feel 'in love' aside from the calculating way?

I asked myself, "Since women's love is based on work being made easier, is there anything similiar for men?" There is. Technology.

Men love technology because it eliminates work and makes existing work easier. Men love watching for the latest new gadget and even love shopping over tools and technoligical works. This "love" men have for technology must be identical to women's "love" to men (except more so).

Men love the idea of robots. Women do not. Why? Because she sees men as her robots.

Women love technology too but not as much as men. Men see technology as a salvation of sorts. Technology frees men from work. In the same way, men free women from work. When I saw two men babbling endlessly about a new piece of electronic, it hit me how identical it was when two women babble endlessly about a new man. Except, imagine a technological product that could adapt and shape itself and serve you for LIFE! Now you see why women are so man crazy.

As the Matriarchy solidified, technology skyrocketed. This could not be a simple correlation. Women freed themselves from work through men and men are trying to free themselves from work through technology. Ironically, in the world where there is little to no Matriarchy is where you find the least technology. There are no technological Patriarchies.

No wonder the Matrix was so effective. Men had machines enslave them to be 'energy' or 'long term batteries' to exist while humans lived in an imaginary world. Men understand giant robots and technology so the horror of such a life is understanding. But the fools thought the 'controllers' in real life was religion, government, or corporations without considering women. Why? Guys are scared to death to face the possibility that women are the smarter and controlling sex. Almost like a self-therapy, on MGTOW boards, men constantly re-iterate how "stupid" women are. My previous post of 'Women are smarter than men' didn't create disagreements but created personal insults against ME! haha.

Men do live in an illusionary world but the programming is based that men and women are NOT different from one another. Men never consider women to have a different context of honor, love, children, and all. They assume honor, love, children, etc. are universally the same by both genders.

Women do not know how men love. They do not enter our world. They do not hear the great songs of literature and all. They only know that "love", which is the process of her being a master over a male, makes him happy as well (a slave's happiness).

The idea of a man going their own way is alien to her. The real label for a guy doing the MGTOW is the word rogue. Love is authority to her.

Rogue- A man who is 'going his own way' when it comes to "The Way".

Rogue means different things to different people. Rogue, to other rogues, means someone who is uncontrollable, someone who wants to be free. To knaves, rogues mean someone who is an inferior organism. In this, knaves and women join together in hating rogues. And, of course, to women, a rogue is someone who cheats.

Women do not see rogues as threats. They see them only as scoundrels because they refuse to obey woman's authority. If a citizen decided to take matters into his own hands and arrest someone breaking the law, a politician would view those active citizens as scoundrels. (Example: President Bush calling citizens who arrest illegal immigrants as 'vigilantes'.) It is all about context.

Knave- A male servant that obeys "The Way".

There are multiple types of knaves. There is the financial knave which we label as Husband. There is the sexual knave which we label as Boyfriend. There is the shepherd knave (guiding other males into "The Way") which we label as Politician. Remember, many priests today are politicians. Many businessmen are politicians as well.

"Boyfriend" applies to players whose goal is to please women and think themselves "awesome" because they get to sleep with women.

Nice Guy is a proto-type husband. Most Nice Guys learn to sexualize themselves enough to become "Boyfriend" which ends them up becoming "Husband".

Women actually do want nice guys. But they know that sex is the hook to control the guy. If a guy does not sex the woman, she cannot get her hooks in him. This is why women demand guys to sexualize themselves so they can control them. A guy refusing kisses is a guy she cannot wrap around her little finger.

The authority of our time is not God (for as Nietzche said, "God is dead."), is not State, is not even Wealth. The ultimate and unquestionable authority, of which everyone, president, investor, and priest, must bow to is LOVE.

Rousseau, the man whose writings sparked the French Revolutions and destroyed the Lockean Revolution, deliberately chose 'love' as the authority. Now, "Love" is going to solve all problems, make all the trains work on time, cause peace in the Middle East, and educate all children. "Love" is the post-modern chimera.

Not obeying the authority of LOVE is like not obeying the authority of the STATE. "But Pook! The State can kill you and arrest you!" So can 'love'. Child support, divorce proceedings, and destroys and controls. It is "love" trumping the authority of law and, by doing so, make tyrannical law.

But now that we know the authority is 'love', we rogues now have tools to protect ourselves. First, if accused by any crime, proclaim it as a 'love crime'. Second, if accused of using women, just say that you are searching for love. Third, if accused you are becoming too wealthy, tell how you did your business to 'love' the world and, if that doesn't work, start a charity to show just how much you 'love'.

When a rogue appeals to "love", women will assume he is just a knave and, therefore, not a problem. All knaves will get grinded up in "The Way" eventually, right?

Women appeal to "love" to get them off the hook all the time. MGTOW, or as I prefer, rogues ought to start appealing to "love" just the same. Ironically, the appeals to love will set rogues free.

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