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Society is not a unit

April 15, 2008

It is not uncommon for any 'movement' or even 'observer' to lift themselves up as angels to look over everyone else with a God's eye. Two groups form, one being the observer and the rest being the pitiful mass of humanity. From this vantage, it does look like Mankind is a single group, a single culture, a single civilization.

This event of observer turning into a 'God' and the observer's equals turning into a 'unit' is common in classical literature. This is why all the 'great' kings and emperors only viewed themselves as 'above' and everyone else as 'the mass' which, like a biological mass, can be cut, sliced, and molded. Just as the gardener has his hooks, shears, and knives, so too does the politician has his laws, regulations, and taxes to remake civilization to 'uplift' it. This is why all politicians, all of them, fall into this view. This is why tyranny is the norm of history.

A common problem with the 'Men's Movement' is, like other movements, they turn themselves into observers that take the status of angels while everyone else becomes a 'culture' or 'society'. What hogwash!

People say there is a recession. But what they don't say is that the definition of 'recession' is based purely on an average. Do you live your life as an average? Do you invest as an average? Date like an average? Dream like an average? The solution to everything is stop being average.

The economy, of course, is not a unit. There are people making more money than ever before. In the Great Depression, Rockefeller and others made great wealth.

Society is not a unit. It never will collapse, only *change*. And it is inevitable it will *change* because people do not live forever. Freedom begins by seeing everyone, even ourselves, as individuals. People make wrong choices all the time. But that will not affect you.

"But what about government taxation, Pook?" you might say. "Their bad choices affect me."

That is nothing compared to city states going to war and nations dueling it out on the world stage. Society is not a unit; it is the trade of all. In fact, the cause of many of the problems that Men's Movement is set to fight against is because husband and wife became seen as a *unit* and that the family became seen as a *unit*. Since they are *units*, that means it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to pay child support and keep the wife a lifestyle she has become accustomed. If they cease to be *units*, then you can see the moral support for child support and wifely lifestyles dropping.

If one person murders another, the neighborhood is not *destroyed* for the neighborhood is not a singular entity.

All the talk about 'destruction of civilization' is funny because Western Civilization is not a static immovable unit. It moves with the people. At one point, Western Civilization was in the Islamo-sphere with the Saracens after the fall of the Roman Empire (a political entity). And when the Saracens fell, it went to Europe. When Europe or other nations falls, it will go somewhere else. AND IT WILL BECOME STRONGER THAN BEFORE.

Movements tend to be built up and spread by emotion (which is energy in motion). Should it be positive energy or negative energy? One leads to an endless cycle down the infinite dream where one keeps imagining civilization being 'destroyed'. Do you want to live your life in that mindset? The other leads to a cycle up. One leads to waking up with anger and rage. The other leads to waking with laughing. Which do you want?

Away, doom-shovelers! While you waste your time investing your emotions in the supposed 'civilizational collapse', I will invest my emotions in building myself up and aiming at a brighter future. This is, of course, uncommon Most politicians cannot do it and you can tell the evil by when they need to rely on harnessing negative emotions from the masses to win. Those few, those blessed few, politicians who harness positive emotions to win, are unanimously popular as everyone gets in line behind the person with the vision. The negative people call it 'delusional'. Everyone else calls it leadership.

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