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The Rejection of Existentialism

June 20, 2007

The sweet perfume of the Matriarchy that intoxicates its people is, essentially, existentialism. Language means things, and I grow suspicious when definitions of words are changed either deliberately or not. Tragedy today means something occuring that causes such anguish that there can be no easy way to comfort. Every unexpected death is considered a 'tragedy'. But tragedy actually means a choice is involved with the chooser reflecting on his poor choice. People, not knowing their literature, would see and read the "tragedies" and feel 'bad'. Hence, everything that makes us feel 'agony' that cannot be comforted is declared to be a tragedy. It is woman's definition of tragedy.

Ironically, choice is all the rage these days. But it does not mean what it used to mean. A difficult choice meant to accept difficult consequences in the form of suffering, disapproval of others, ostracism, punishment, guilt, and, in general, damnation. Without these tough consequences, choices have no meaning. It is accepting the consequences that gives Antigone her nobility and the unwillingness to do so that makes her sister Ismene less so.

The Matriarchy likes to speak much of the right to choice. What the Matriarchy is really saying is that there are no necessary consequences, that disapproval is only prejudice and guilt only a neurosis. "Do not worry," says the Matriarchy. "Political activism and psychiatry can handle it." We have no-fault divorces as well as no-fault car accidents (hmm, a connection between the two?). Society is now at the point of no-fault choices.

So what is the evil of Matriarchy? It is conflict. Conflict is the evil we must avoid, among the nations of the earth, among our neighbors, and among ourselves. When conflict appears in politics, for example, one is not to stand behind one's principles like a man. Rather, one must be "bi-partisan". If a conflict appears between nations, "diplomacy" must be used. With people, "communication" must be applied (or whatever else they call it). In within ourselves, a conflict emerges. But to feel comfortable in life is to live the life of a cow.

Reason-Revelation. Freedom-Necessity. Democracy-Aristocracy. Good-Evil. Body-Soul. Self-Other. City-Man. Eternity-Time. Being-Nothing. A serious life is being fully aware of the alternatives and thinking about them with all the intensity one brings to bear on life-and-death questions knowing that every choice is a great risk with necessary consequences that are hard to bear. The alternative is blind obedience to "The Way". People following "The Way" do not know any alternatives and their 'happiness' is surface only- they are literally bored to death.

Do you choose to marry... or not? Do you choose to have children... or not? Do you choose to spend your time pursuing the arts... or starting a business... or living a life of leisure? I prefer the "MGTOW" (Men Going Their Own Way) label over the "MRA" (Men's Right Activism). MGTOW has men making choices and living with them. These do include some men getting married and having children. But they are not follow "The Way" because they actually made a choice. I get the impression that MRA adheres to the conflict-resolution with political activism being the solution to the percieved problem: polical inequality (which no doubt legal issues have to be dealt with. But even if they are dealt with, happiness will not magically descend into men's hearts. Legislators cannot create happiness. That is up to us.)

Men are alarmed that the more they know about the Matriarchy and all, the more conflict they sense which can create suffering and agony not just within ourselves but between families, between individuals, and, ultimately, nations. But treat conflict as a source of inspiration, creativity, and strength just as the ancient artists and philosophers did. Like women, we men cannot have our cake and eat it too. But throwing off the shackles of existentialism, which is the existence of a cow, i.e. cowism (hah), our life becomes more enriched and the moments more intense and charged than anything of a conflict-free life. We suffer but we can also laugh. While you may not hear the residents of hte Matriarchy really in 'suffering' (they are on their prozac, their 'feelies' of movies, and other htings to become conflict-free), you also do not hear them laugh. When they do laugh, it is a weak and most pathetic laugh, nothing like the hearty belly-laugh of one intermeshed with life. When weak men laugh, they do a "ehh ehh ehh" artificial type laugh. It is scrawny and annoying. A hearty laugh that echoes the room, no one in the Matriarchy can do it.

The notion of choice and consequences does mean that one never feels at home on Earth. God is attacked today because He brings conflict: good vs evil, heaven vs earth, virtue vs sin, and so on. Jesus did declare that He did not intend to bring peace but "a sword" to divide brother against brother, family against family, and nation against nation. The notion of God is the notion of conflict. Since conflict is considered the only true evil today, God, and all the issues He brings, must be steamrolled into being conflict free. That is why God and religion is only practiced today, even among theologians, as agents of removing conflict. Of love and tolerance.

But without conflict, Love is also dead. Psychologists have put it to death. In its place has been sport sex and 'meaningful relationships'. Should it not be surprising that thanatology or 'death with dignity' is on the way to putting death to death? Coming to terms with the terror of death, Socrates' long and arduous education, learning how to die, will no longer be necessary. For death will not be what it used to be. What will replace it remains to be seen.

If you want out of a monotone existence, take choices and reflect on the conseqences. You will begin to experience the highs and lows of life. You will suffer. But you will also laugh. A wrong choice will spawn tragic thoughts. A right thought will spawn comedic thoughts. Now, life becomes more thrilling than theater. You will travel back to the Matriarchy Kingdoms and find people strapped to home theater set-ups staring passively at people acting the highs and lows of life.

When Maximus threw his weapon at the crowd in "Gladiator", he said, "Are you entertained!?" Well, are you? Are you going to be more entertained by merley existing and watching theater when not working or BEING theater and turning your life in mixes of tragedies and comedies?

Women always choose the former (which is why they are so movie and pop-culture obsessed). They seek boyfriends who are the latter (for it entertains them). Nice Guys and others who follow "The Way" are never interesting to them or anyone else. The nature of the Nice Guy is to avoid conflict at all costs.

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