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The Seduction of the Men's Movement

May 6, 2007

Eric Hoffer wrote a brilliant book last century called, "The True Believer". In the book, Hoffer began analyzing mass movements that ripped apart the twentieth century. Why do people join mass movements? And why are those most frequently join mass movements tend to be poor or very wealthy? He solved the question as to why the children of wealthy parents end up becoming lost in a mass movement.

Hoffer's answer was that people frustrated in life, frustrated in that their lives are not turning the way they want, will lose themselves into a mass movement. Happy people generally have very little need for a movement. A quote: "It is easier to serve Humanity than it is to serve your neighbor." People want to matter in life, to think their lives have some sort of meaning. Children of wealthy people want meaning just as much as the poor person. The ones who are most resistant to the mass movement are those who are too busy working. Hoffer observed that those who followed the Communist mass movement would turn around and follow the anti-communist movement as easily as changing clothes. He also remarks on the 'mass movement' syndrome of Islam (remember, this book was published in the early 20th century).

The mass movement of feminism is explained, very easily, that many of the women have recieved disapointments in the affairs of love. They failed with men so they believe men have created a system of cruel punishment against them (the "patriarchy"). A happy feminist is an oxymoron. Many women recognize that feminism is the cause of frustration with men which is why these same women will go to Men's Movement sites to say, "You all just need to get laid!" It is more accurate to say that the feminists need to get laid... or rather, to become loved. They feel they have missed out on bliss in life (of motherhood and happy marriage) and rail against anyone having that bliss.

What is the Men's Movement? There is no order to it, no form, no shape. It is the sum of laments, of both personal and legal. My fear is that many men will attempt to lose themselves into this "movement" instead of bettering their own lives. Men's Movement should be more about turning males into men than be a catchall for all lamentations and frustrations at the hands of Western Women. My big fear is about young men entering the "movement".

Men younger than twenty five years age should not bother with the "Men's Movement". They should be focused on building their own lives. There is plenty of time (and plenty of feminists) to fight later on. Your younger years are very formative, and it would be perilous to lose your soul to the "mass movement" syndrome before that soul had fully matured.

Anyone can fight feminists. But not everyone can found a business, generate talent, or become someone out of everyone. "Why does any of that have to deal with freeing men?" The biggest chains are self-imposed. How do you know what to fight against politically if you do not strive to fly yourself? If one does not 'fly', one then assumes the mantle of a "movement" and uses it as a vessel for all their frustrations in life.

The best way to fight feminism is to fight mediocrity itself.

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