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Two Spheres

June 23, 2007

Two spheres of life are placed upon the Earth. They exist on top of one another. Where one lives in one sphere, that person cannot see the other sphere. These spheres are the masculine and feminine spheres.

As men, we have our systems of beliefs, our moralities, and values. All men share similiarities that it is better to be smarter than dumber, stronger than weaker, and wiser than stupider. But 'smart', 'strong', and 'wise' exist only in a certain context: and that is to work. To accomplish.

When men look at women, they wonder how awful their existence must be. For women, in men's eyes, are stupider, weaker, and dumber. Men see women doing menial tasks, and we wonder how they do brain dead jobs.

Men think women are very emotional and can be like a frail flower.

Some men, when they think they 'understand' women, end up projecting their own male contexts into women. For example, a man thinks his context of horniness is shared by a woman's. He says, "She is just as horny as I!" (whereas her horniness has a tactic involved)

Men peering at the feminine sphere is like men on the shore of the world peering into the ocean. They see shadows of movement on the other side and consider that liquid underworld to be mysterious yet pretty shallow. Certainly nothing as complex and wonderous as above!

But let us jump into the waters into the Feminine Sphere. As we jump into the water, we realize there is no liquid underworld. We appear on the surface just as when we left but it is a new different overworld. And, likewise, there are women standing on the shore peering into the depths of the ocean wondering what it is like in the masculine sphere. They see the shadows and it seems interesting, a little mysterious, but they too think it is a shallow existence. And they pity men for their shallow existence.

The feminine sphere is just as wonderous and detailed as the masculine sphere. Both were created by Nature or Nature's God. Each sex pities the other for their 'shallow' existence.

Women do not think men are smart. They may be intelligent, but women will always think they are smarter. The feminine sphere operates in a different morality. For a woman, to be 'smart' is to manipulate others to do work for them. Beautiful women are despised by other women because they have the potential to become very rich.

To women, men are stiff creatures who, if they give intelligent talk, are percieved as talking nonsense. There are more practical concerns to talk about such as shopping and sex.

Both men and women exist for feelings. But men do not recognize video games, football, or the praise they get from jobs or girlfriends to be 'feelings'. Also, women do not recognize that decorations, shopping, food, and sex to be 'feelings'. When a woman insists on remodeling, it is considered very important to her. But if a man were to suggest a new HD TV to replace the old TV, the woman would think it nonsense and to consider the man is interested only in new feelings.

Women see men as weak creatures whose only benefit is that they can work for them. This is why when a woman dumps you, she uses BS language like "Let us just be friends" and all without telling you what is really wrong. She percieves men to be stupid because, let us face it, many men do act stupid around women.

To women, religion is totally different than what it is to men. Everything exists in a different context. When a man is with a woman wearing a hot outfit, don't look at her but at the other women on the street. They will be staring daggers into her.

Women do not care what men think of her. It is nice if a man turns to look at her. But if a woman turns and looks, then her day is made. Instead of saying a man said something about her, say that a woman said something. She will demand to know who the woman is and what was said. But as for the men? Well, who cares about those shallow simple creatures.

"But Pook! History books are filled with great men. And women read those books. So obviously the masculine sphere is superior." Yes, women read those books. But history itself is part of the masculine sphere.

The masculine sphere is full of straight lines, of towers, and pyramids.

The feminine sphere is full of reflections, of webs, and massagers.

Consider the home. Many men design the interior of their home for utilitarian purposes or for cool electronic equipment. Often, it is a black look everywhere (non-reflection). Men do this because it creates a mood within him.

A woman sees it totally different and considers the interior of the home a priority. She puts up drapes, carpet, constantly cleans, gets matching furniture, all because it creates a mood within her.

Men believe women are all about feelings because when they interact with them, that is all he sees. But women believe the same about men. They see your video game systems, speakers, and fast car and think, "Toys".

The problem that has occurred was that somehow along the way, the feminine sphere was proclaimed to be the 'master morality' while the masculine sphere was proclaimed to be the 'slave morality'. Society views a 'man' as only a being that works for a woman. And a 'woman' is a being that holds the leash over a man.

When a man thinks of equality, it is a difficult concept. Sure, he knows he should be fair, but he can barely respect women as equals. This is the same for women. They also barely respect men as equals.

I am tired of men standing on that shore, pointing at the water, and declaring, "What a shallow existence women are living! They are not fit to live!" It is because on the other side is a woman, pointing at the water, doing the exact thing. Women are very smart. They are just smart in ways men do not percieve as smart (so they just label it 'woman's intuition). Women do the exact same for men.

A few are able to travel to the other sphere. But they are always travelers and can only observe. They will never be native to that other sphere. Esther Vilar was one such traveler. Her "Manipulated Men" described women to a T but what she labels as men's hopes and dreams is a little 'fuzzy'. But that is enough. No woman can understand a man well enough as men can (just as men cannot understand woman as women can). But Vilar knew enough of our sphere to communicate.

"Manipulated Man" should reveal that there is a looking glass and, on the other side, there is a feminine world that is invisible to us. Vilar gave us a lens to 'see' it. We should strive to sharpen that lens. The better we understand the feminine sphere, the better we understand women.

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