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Where is Pook?

September 25, 2006

Oh no! Where is Pook!? Someone stole him! Pook thief! Pook thief!

I have been very busy with deadlines lately. Don't worry. I'll come back, and there will be many posts ahead as well as the new website.

So I will throw something 'Pookish' out there so you all do not throw digital tomatoes at me. Consider...

Arrogance in adulthood is usually childhood tenderness turned inside out.

He who holds a high sense of honor does so because he has not been honorable to himself.

Those who hold an almost quixotic insistence on the truth do so because their careers are founded on a lie.

Much of physical courage is frenzied intensity to revenge one's failure in moral courage for not being oneself.

Be who you are! The First Pookish Commandment corrects so many self-made flaws. Do not take my word for it. Here is Steve Jobs's speech where a single theme runs through it: trust your gut, follow your interests, be who you are.

That is the only way all the dots will connect in life.

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