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Woman's Pleasure

July 15, 2007

Men's pleasure is through their mind. Men enjoy solving problems, pursuing intellectual pursuits, and all of that. When a man goes through the bodily routines, he breaks it down into a science to make it as efficient as possible. It is a type of game that amuses him.

Women seek pleasure through their body. This is why women stuff their rooms full of pillows, why they eat too much ice cream, why they are obsessed about sex and talking about it, and why they find it comforting to stroke their hair endlessly or just sit around like a bump on a log. It is the life of a plant.

This is why kino always worked. This is why women become *attached* to guys they've slept with. This why they also become fat.

Understand that women live in a paradise of sorts. She can be as dumb as she wants. Her only major life challenge is marrying the correct man. Then, all she must do is drive him to work, work, work.

Imagine if you lived on a island of paradise where food and fruit were everywhere and all needs were taken care of. How would you act? Would you study philosophy? Of course not! You would dilly dally around and live a life of leisure. This is what women do.

Women who do work do so in a very different way then men. Women choose work in jobs where they get to meet wealthy and traveled men. It could be on a cruise ship or at a traveler's office. Most likely, she is hunting.

Women actually work very hard at finding a guy. So no matter how *dumb* you are, it is an almost certainty that a man will get hitched if he desires it. The only problems occur if he does not have the wealth and entertainment value she desires (the older and uglier, the lower it gets).

When you see a young woman working, ask yourself, "Is she working in a place where she can meet wealthy and well traveled men?" The answer is almost always yes.

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