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Women are desperate to get married

September 11, 2006

An emailer sent me a link to this hilarious Oprah story. A man was able to marry five women at the same time. Obviously, there are smart, strong, and substancial women who could only get 'played' if the man was a demi-devil. Well, at least Oprah thinks so.

According to all of these womens' stories, Eric's technique was to wow a woman with his false résumé—which often included references to him being a Navy SEAL or a pilot, including a crisp, white Navy uniform, and being orphaned and raised by abusive foster parents. He would then ingratiate himself to the women's families and propose marriage within weeks of dating.

From one of these woman's perspective, she meets a Navy SEAL in his crisp, white Navy uniform, thinks he falls in love with HER immediately, and proposes marriage within weeks.

Anyone who proposes marriage within weeks is crazy. Why would a decorated military officer so jump for marriage with one of these girls? It is because she thinks she is "all that".

There is a joke that I like which reveals women's narcissism. "My girlfriend and I both agree on one thing: we both think she is hot." Women do not LIKE these guys. They just like them liking her. Even if you are a mega-dork, she will still think you are 'OK' because you have good-taste for liking HER (which is obviously the greatest of all goddesses on Earth, at least she thinks so).

Like many of the women, Melissa says Eric displayed a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" split personality. "One day he would just be so sweet and loving and then, like, the next day, all of a sudden, he would blow up. He'd be throwing stuff around and push you around," she says.

Women love this! You become a mystery and are highly entertaining. Despite this 'personality flaw' that Oprah complains about, these women still marry him even after knowing of this.

"He told me he had inherited money from his mother, who had died when he was 2 years old, " she says. "He pretended like he had money, but I never actually saw it. He played it really well. I mean, he had a story for everything."

This guy knew what these women wanted.

A part of Eric's modus operandi, these women claim, was to lie about his own finances and steal from them.

"He stole four checks from my great grandmother, wrote one, made it out to me for $4,000, forged my name to the back of it and deposited it into my checking account," April, Eric's fifth wife alleges. "He also wrote three other checks to pay off some credit cards."

Awesome! A Gold Digger Male!

All of these women were made vulnerable by their emotional neediness, Dr. Robin says, and Eric was able to "sniff out" that they were weak and vulnerable. These women believed that they were insufficient on their own, so his con was sure to work on them. The goal for these and all women is to repair their spirits and eliminate this feeling.

So the doctor's advice is for all these women to become feminists. By not needing a man, they won't be prone to con games! You go Oprah!

What is interesting to me is that this guy did most of his behavior in Houston which I am located. His behavior is awful but if a woman did what he did, she would have been applauded and the man 'shamed' for speaking up.

A woman is allowed to marry under false pretenses. A man is not.

If women are allowed to be con artists in the game of love, why not men? Are these women mad that he wasn't in love with her or that they were not as 'hot' as they thought?

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