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Women's Views on Men

July 15, 2007

Men are like a giant pet to women. Like with any pet, you never *hate* it. You can only be cruel to it. "Good" women believe they are "good" solely because they are not cruel to men.

This doesn't mean they tell the truth or anything. One would never talk to a dog as one talks to a Human. But one wouldn't kick a dog just because it was there. It is always good to be kind and sweet to the dog even if you do not want it as a pet. Besides, cute pets good. Cute pets that can do tricks are better.

Since women are in paradise (see below), they cannot get inside men's context. If a man were to complain about women, the man is almost always complaining about the Matriarchy system (even if he is unaware it exists). Women do not see a Matriarchy. They think paradise exists for the man too just as it does for them. So when a man complains about women, she thinks he simply isn't getting enough sex that those in paradise seek. This is also why women don't understand why men complain about them screwing guys left and right or why they shouldn't drink and do drugs.

If women are in paradise, why are they so unhappy? Have you noticed the teeny boppers as they literally live like nonsense? Throwing away those years into the wind? Apparently, sometime along the way envy engulfs them. The envy comes from another woman that could be her sister or a close friend. Envy consumes them. She wants a cool car and big house too!

It makes women very uncomfortable when they read information that husbands are so unhappy in marriage. It is not because of a sense of guilt but that they are in *paradise*, shouldn't he be in paradise as well?

Women's pleasures include doing brain dead stuff like cleaning, dish washing, cooking, and so on. Men thinks she is industrious because she does this. But she likes it.

Flip that around. When men work and slave, she thinks he actually enjoys it. She does not think his pleasure has been programmed. I told a woman, whose husband was a fireman who would work another job to buy more gifts for her for Christmas, that she was killing him. He would enter an early grave. She retreated to, "But he enjoys doing that." Maybe that is just bluff. Maybe she believes it. Or maybe she tells herself that to feel better.

Women believe that they are the Source of All Happiness for men. Bachelors have to always be unhappy and sad. Married men have to be always happy and upbeat. This is reflected in media (which women are the primary consumers). Young men easily believe it because they are young. Don't forget that you once believed Santa Clause was real too.

When women ask why I don't have a girlfriend, after going through the usual guesses like I'm gay, they say, "You don't know how to get one," or "You haven't met the right type," or something else. But never ONCE do they say, "You do not want a girlfriend." No. The premise is always that a guy WANTS a girl. This is why when you reject a girl, she becomes furious... or depressive.

Every woman believes she understands men. But every man confesses his confusion about women.

Every woman believes she is a creative genius. As someone deeply immersed in the Humanities, this always offended me. Just because you write bad poetry in a diary doesn't mean you are "creative". Most women don't know how to write. They believe they are psychologists.

Women will always consider the problem is with you, never the system. For she lives in Paradise. The only women who are unhappy with Paradise are the Feminists. And they are unhappy because they are ugly. They are female versions of Richard the Third. They probably even have dogs bark at them.

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