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Field Report Template (For Rapidly Improving Your Results In Game)

September 28, 2019

Field reports are an extremely useful tool – they will help you become aware of your sticking points (the things that are preventing you from getting the results you want) while also enabling you to come up with strategies for overcoming those sticking points.

However, field reports are only useful if you focus on the right things. I’ve seen plenty of guys write ‘field reports’ that were just a story about what happened along with a collection of excuses for why they didn’t get results.

That isn’t helpful. Instead, you need to make a point to actually focus on the things that you did that prevented you from getting the results you wanted. Once you identify those things, you can come up with a plan for improving next time. 

This might sound obvious – but it’s something most guys don’t do well UNLESS they write field reports. I know that I myself kept making the same mistakes for years on end until I started writing field reports and identified those mistakes. 

For instance, when I started writing field reports, I noticed that I ejected from interactions at the first moment when there was a lull in the conversation or I felt slightly uncomfortable. Because of this, I was missing countless opportunities. No interaction will be perfect from beginning to end. And because I left the second things weren’t perfect, I was rarely getting solid numbers or pulling girls. 

As soon as I noticed this, I challenged myself to be more persistent and to my surprise, a lot of the girls who I previously would have a given up on ended up going home with me simply because I made this change in mindset. 

So, the first section of my field report template looks like this:

Three things to improve on:




Now, as important as it is to notice your mistakes, it’s equally important to give yourself credit for the things you did well. 

One of the biggest reasons guys struggle with game is that they beat themselves up too much. These guys go out, do some approaches, get a number or two and afterward they think, “That night was a failure. I suck. Game isn’t working for me.” 

If after you go out, you feel like the overall experience was a net negative, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to force yourself to go out and approach women, and because you’re taking yourself seriously, women are going to respond less positively to you, which will then reinforce that negative thinking further.

So, it’s important that you appreciate your wins, even the smallest ones. If you feel like you’re making progress and getting better, you will feel increasingly motivated and positive which will then lead you to take more action and you’ll get better results, and so on. 

That’s why the second section of my field report template is this:

Three things I did well:




Most guys find that it’s harder to think of things they did well than things they want to improve on. This is a reflection of a mindset that’s focused on the negative. It’s important to take some time to nudge your mind in the other direction, focus some of your attention on the positives so that you feel like you are getting better (which is true, but if it doesn’t feel like it’s true you can easily become deflated).

If the only thing you can think of is, “I went out even though I wanted to just watch Dragonball and play Apex Legends.” That’s fine, that’s still a positive. Maybe you didn’t even approach a girl, but you made eye contact with one for a couple of seconds. Write that as your positive. ANYTHING is good enough. Give yourself props for doing something the vast majority of guys are too afraid to do – go out with the intention of meeting women. 

The last section of my field report is designed to keep you focused on the one thing that matters most. We all have different sticking points, some people don’t approach because of anxiety, others are too friendly without any sexual energy, some guys never ask for the number, others don’t know lead interactions forward.

For each of us, there is one thing that is limiting the results we’re getting more than anything else. If you can identify what that is, and focus on that thing, your results will exponentially improve.

For example, if you notice that you’re only approaching about three women per night, that is holding you back from getting results. Or, if you do a lot of approaches, but none of the girls ‘hook’ (I.E. they engage with you and want you to keep talking to them), then that is holding you back from getting results.

Make a point to define the one concept that you need to work on the most right now. A few examples of what it might be include: 

– “Taking massive action” (basically, approach more)
– “Leading” (Inviting girls to the dance floor, being physical, etc.”
– “Being Fun” (exuding infectiously positive energy)
– “Showing intent” (being sexual in your interactions rather than overly safe and friendly)
– “Playing to win” (actually going for the pull instead of giving up on interactions too early)
– “Vocal tonality” (speaking loudly, with confidence and passion)
– “Eye contact” (Holding piercing, intenful etc. contact)

What mistakes are you making?

Now, truth is, you might not be correct when you guess what one thing is holding you back the most. But whatever it is you choose will probably still be a major sticking point that if you improve on, will radically improve your results. 

The idea here is that you focus on one concept specifically until you believe you’re doing well enough at that concept that it’s no longer holding you back. Then, you can move onto something.

This laser focus will help you make rapid progress in that area.

So, the section would look like this.

Showing intent:

Within this section, you take at least a few sentences to analyze how well you did at embodying that concept and identifying what you could do better. If you’re focusing on showing intent you might try being more physical, holding stronger eye contact, and making comments. Then, as you experiment you’ll start to get a better understanding of how, exactly, you can show intent effectively.

So, as a whole, my field report template looks like this:


Three things I did well:




Three things to improve on: 




Main sticking point:

Summary (optional, you can write a summary if you like, but it’s the least important section and if you don’t feel like writing one, I wouldn’t worry about it). 

Most of the guys I’ve met who make impressive progress in game write field reports. And although more detail is generally better, you can write a short field report in about five minutes and get a lot of insights from just that. Probably more insights than the entire night of going out gave you. 

Julien Blanc, one of the most influential coaches in the seduction industry once said that game was 49% taking action and 51% writing field reports. I would probably flip those numbers around, but the sentiment is true: writing field reports is incredibly valuable and can easily make the difference between repeatedly making the same mistakes and spinning your wheels versus getting better every single week.

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