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How To Approach A Girl In College (Without Creeping Her Out)

September 14, 2018

How To Approach A Girl In College (Without Creeping Her Out)

There are thousands of attractive, single women meandering about any college campus. And they’re praying that a cool guy like you will approach them.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But it is true that, in many ways, a university campus is the best place to meet and attract beautiful women.

If you go to a club or bar to meet women, there’s loud music, the women are drunk, and you have to navigate group dynamics. On campus, however, the environment is quiet, the women are sober, and you can have 1-on-1 conversations with girls.

Perhaps most importantly, women in clubs get hit on all night by creepy drunk guys, so they’re going to assume you’re just another loser until you prove otherwise. On a university campus, however, girls are almost never approached – so they’ll be impressed that you had the courage to approach them.

University game isn’t universally better than clubs, but there are enough advantages that it’s worth trying if you’re enrolled in a medium to large sized university. Hell, it’s worth trying even if you don’t go to college but you’re age appropriate (what exactly that means is up to you) and live near a university.

Campus game is notably different from nightclub game: you need a different strategy to get the best results. In this article, you’re going to learn exactly how to approach a girl in college (without creeping her out).

How To Approach A Girl In College Tip 1: Calibrate Your Approach

Women don’t expect to be approached while they’re on campus. Because of this, you can startle a girl when you approach her during the day. It’s important that you make your approach as non-threatening as possible. Here are a few ways to accomplish this:

A. Give her some personal space when you approach. If you’re catching up to her from behind as she walks past you, walk faster than her to get a few feet in front of her before you approach her (also make sure to give her a few feet of space to her side).

If you approach from behind a girl or from too close to her side, you will most likely startle her (if you do make a girl feel a bit nervous, it’s not the end of the world, just apologize before launching into your opener). By giving her a few feet of space and getting in front of her, she will be much more comfortable talking to you.

B. Acknowledge that what you’re doing is a bit unusual to make the girl more comfortable with your approach.

I do this by saying, “Hey, I know this is random, but…” (before launching into my opener)

Or, if the girl is studying I’ll say, “Sorry to interrupt, but…”

Saying something like this lets the girl know that I respect her feelings and am willing to leave if she doesn’t want me there.

Simply walking up to a girl on campus and introducing yourself is going to impress her – but it can also make her feel nervous, that’s why giving her space and empathizing with her will make your approach go more smoothly.

How To Approach A Girl In College Tip 2:

Let Her Know Why You’re Talking To Her

Women rarely get approached on campus. But if they do get approached, it’s usually one of two things:

1. A petitioner.

2. A religious recruiter.

To clarify that you’re not trying to show her the ways of Jesus, you should make it clear that you’re approaching the girl because you’re interested.

My favorite lines to open with during day game are:

“I like your style so I had to introduce myself.”

“I thought you were cute and I had to say hi.”

A direct approach is particularly effective during the day. In a nightclub, girls assume you’re approaching because you’re attracted to them, but on campus, girls need to know why you’re talking to them – otherwise they’ll assume you’re some weirdo.

Being approached directly can actually be a powerful turn-on for a girl. However, you don’t want to be too complimentary or she’ll see you as low value. Attractive women want guys they have to work for: a challenge.

After my fairly direct approach, I make sure to challenge the girl with some teasing, push-pulls, and by getting her to qualify herself. Doing this allows me to make her wonder whether I’m attracted to her, which in turn, makes her start to chase me.

How To Approach A Girl In College Tip 3:

Make The Conversation Emotionally Engaging

Men tend to prefer logical conversation. We talk to solve problems or transfer information.

Women prefer emotional conversation: sharing feelings excites them. When meeting a girl for the first time, you’re going to have a much more impactful interaction if you lead the conversation away from logic and towards emotion.

It’s fine to ask a girl a basic question like, “What do you study?” But after asking such a question, you should make the conversation emotionally relevant by following up with something like:

“Do you love it?”

“Is that a passion of yours, or are you doing it to get rich?”

Doing this will bring the conversation towards her emotional experience, which is far more engaging to her than talking about facts.

You can also ask start conversation threads with emotional questions like:

“What do you do for fun?”

“What are you passionate about?”

“Have you ever been in love?” (you’ll usually want to be a few minutes into the conversation before asking this)


You: “I’ve always wanted to ask a girl this question, but never have.”

Her: What question is that?

You: What do you think women really want in a man?

Any of the above questions will spark a memorable conversation that will go beyond the surface level niceties that most first meetings get stuck in.

How To Approach A Girl In College Tip 4:

Get Her Number

Most girls you meet on campus have somewhere to be within the next hour. As such, you won’t be able to pull many girls straight home with you from university.

To be fair, it is possible to pull from day game, but when you’re new to approaching girls on campus, it’s best to focus on getting girls’ numbers and setting up dates (because it’s a more efficient use of your time).

Once you’ve approached a girl and had a few minutes of emotionally engaging conversation with her, you can get her number and make plans to hang out again. To do this, you can simply ask, “Hey it’s cool talking to you, we should hang out again, would you like to get a cup of coffee later this week? 

So long as she says yes, you can follow up by asking, “Cool, what’s your number?”

If you made a good impression and she’s single, there’s a very good chance she’ll meet you for a date – from there it’s easy to move your relationship with her in whatever direction you want.

(If you want to know a step-by-step guide to getting her number, read this article).

Wrapping Up How To Approach A Girl In College

Approaching women on campus is intimidating to most guys. So intimidating that almost no one does it. This means you can easily stand out from the crowd and make a strong impression.

If you message a hot girl on Tinder, you’re competing against 100 other guys who messaged her within the last 24 hours. If you approach a girl in college, you’re showing her that you’re an outlier: one of the few guys with the courage to meet in person while sober.

Sure, meeting women in college isn’t always easy. And yes, some of your approaches will be awkward (especially at first).

But if you’re willing to endure the initial rockiness, meeting women on campus will be incredibly rewarding.

Not only will you meet and have sex with beautiful women, but you’ll also find that the thrill of approaching women during the day gives you an adrenaline rush that swiping right on Tinder just can’t match.


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