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How To Attract A Beautiful Woman (The Uncensored Truth)

June 21, 2018

Moments after you enter the club, you meet eyes with a perfect 10. You approach her with the confidence of a lion stalking a gazelle.

She loves every word that comes out of your mouth. Your banter is as smooth and seductive as James Bond’s. A few minutes into the conversation, you and this smokeshow start making out.

She pulls away for a moment to say, “I haven’t been kissed like that in years. Where have you been all my life?” You grin and grab her hand to escort her out of the club.

She’s back at your place, hanging on to your every word as you talk about your passions. After she finishes her drink, she asks to use the restroom. As you wait for her to finish up, you’re a ball of excitement. This is really happening – and with one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever laid eyes on.

As the bathroom door opens, you notice she’s wearing nothing more than her lingerie. She says, “I wanted to get more comfortable.” Then, she slinks into your bedroom as you sit on the couch, dumbfounded.

You get yourself together and follow her into the bedroom. You and this stunner have sex so profound that if it were filmed, the porn industry would go out of business.


How To Attract A Beautiful Woman Part 1: The Lies We’ve Been Told

We all have a fantasy of what pickup should look like. We imagine ourselves being smooth as butter and charming as Paul Rudd. We imagine ourselves becoming a sort of vigilante superhero who slays pussy instead of slaying villains.

We have this fantasy because internet marketers sell us this fantasy. When dating coaches upload hidden camera footage of themselves meeting women, they make a point to show the highlights:

The more we learn about pickup from internet gurus who sell $500 products that promise to get us perfect 10s (without getting rejected), the more inflated our expectations of game become.

When part of us thinks we should be able to walk out the door tonight and bring home a model, the messy reality of approaching women and getting rejected countless times becomes unappealing.

Real talk, even the best guys in the game don’t pull ’10s’ consistently – they pull ‘8s’ consistently and occasionally hook up with a ‘9’ or a ’10’.

And that’s the best of the best. Most guys in the seduction community try their hands at game for about a year, fuck a 7, and make her their girlfriend.

Actually, that’s not true. Most guys in the seduction community don’t even go out to approach women more than once or twice.

Why do most guys in the men’s dating advice community get such lackluster results?

Because the fantasies we get fed by pickup gurus are poisonous (1).

Unless you have thousands of approaches under your belt, you’re probably not going to go out this Saturday and bring home a perfect 10 (or an 8 for that matter).

More likely, you’re going to go out, get rejected a bunch, then go home alone. Some girls you meet by attracted to you, and you might even get a couple numbers. But bringing home a girl you just met from a club or a bar takes a lot of skill.

Same goes for the next week, and the next week, and the next week. Each time you go out:

  •  You’ll get a little better at dealing with approach anxiety
  • You’ll get a little better at coming across as cool and confident,
  • Your chances of bringing an attractive girl home will get just a little bit higher.

It’s healthy to be ambitious, but that ambition needs to be tempered with patience. Whatever your dating goal is, the road there is going to be a long and often stressful.

The Self-Help Trap

Here’s a harsh truth: most self-help content is designed to make us feel good about ourselves for having consumed it. Motivational videos, articles, and books pump us up and gives us something to look forward to. Because this content make us feel good, we go back for more, and more, until we buy a $300 online product.

Self-help marketers design content so that the very act of consuming it makes us feel like we’re making progress. At the end of a self-help article or video, you get the same dopamine hit that you get after a good workout at the gym.

Most self-help content is actually a form of escapism. By watching an infield video of a dating coach pick up a beautiful woman, we escape the reality of who we are, and get to temporarily immerse ourselves in the fantasy of who we could be.

Escapism is the enemy of reality. It trains our mind to get the reward for accomplishing our goals, without putting in the work. This isn’t to say you should never watch an infield video or read a self-help book. But you should spend roughly 80% of your time taking action in the real world, and only 20% of your time learning at home.

How To Attract A Beautiful Woman Part 2:

The Bitter Pill

Learning success with women is hard. You’re going to get rejected many times, and some of those rejections are going to hurt like a motherfucker. You’re going to have some cringey interactions with women. You’re going to get caught up in negative thought loops like, “Maybe I’m just not good looking enough,” or, “If I were rich, this would be easy, it’s not fair.”

How do I know this is going to happen?

Because I experienced all these things. I’ve been rejected countless times, I’ve made cringey mistakes, and I’ve bought into my own delusional excuses. And so has everyone else I’ve met who learned to attract women.

If you’re not willing to go through rejection, if you’re not willing  to go through embarrassment, and if you’re not willing to go through an emotional roller-coaster: then game isn’t for you.

Success in any endeavor isn’t just about how badly you want the end result, it’s about how much shit you’re willing to wade through to get there.

After you’ve done thousands of approaches over the course of several years, you will have some pickups that are so smooth they would fit in a James Bond Movie. But for every story like that, you’ll have a hundred stories where you fucked up.

When we think about the glory that we see in infield videos, we’re all in. But when rubber meets road and we have to face approach anxiety, rejection, and our own ego – most guys give up on learning game.

If you want to date beautiful women, you can get that result – but it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of time.

This isn’t to say you won’t have a lot of fun going out and meeting women (if you don’t have fun you’re doing it wrong). However, there are going to be tough nights, and real progress only happens when you make a habit of consistently getting out of your comfort zone (which is stressful by definition).

If you want to feel good about yourself, stay at home on Saturday night and watch infield compilations.

If you want to win, go out several times a week, get rejected, and learn from your mistakes. Keep doing this until you get so fucking exceptional at it that you can bring home beautiful women on a regular basis.

That’s the no B.S truth about game. It’s not as pretty as the marketing hype would have you believe, but you can date beautiful women if you’re willing to put in the work.

1: This isn’t the only reason guys get lackluster results, but it is an important once. (other factors include: The fact that it’s difficult for most guys to learn from their mistakes. Many guys don’t believe they can succeed with women, this mindset gives them an excuse to not even try – why go out and risk rejection if it can’t lead to anything?)


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