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How To Attract Women With Status

November 11, 2018

Whatâs the primary difference between a man who gets flaked on, and a man who consistently gets dates with beautiful women?


Women are attracted to status even more than theyâre attracted to a pretty face and washboard abs.

When I was sixteen, I worked at a restaurant which had quite a few beautiful female employees. The manager slept with almost all of them. This guy was physically unattractive and socially awkward. He wasnât getting laid like a rock star because of his appearance, he was getting laid because of his status.

If you want to become more attractive to women, your best bet is to increase your status.

Now, you could become a famous musician or the CEO of a fortune-500 company. That would definitely work. But becoming famous would take years, and the vast majority of people who follow that path donât make it.

Fortunately, thereâs another way to increase your status.

The Status Delusion

The female brain has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to prefer men of high status.

In prehistoric times, women couldnât judge a manâs status by the quality of his watch or the prestige of his job – those things didnât exist. Our female ancestors could only judge status by observing a manâs behavior. Women evolved to be able to unconsciously feel whether or not a man has high-status based on his nonverbal communication.

You can probably imagine the differences between the behavior of a low-status and high-status guy.

A low status guy is nervous, his eye-contact is shifty, and his body language is defensive. If a woman senses any of these behaviors, she is instantly turned off.

On the other hand, a high-status guy is confident, he holds steady eye-contact, and his body language is open. When a woman notices these behaviors in a man, she automatically experiences attraction for him.

Society teaches us that women are attracted to wealth and good looks. This is partially true, but most of us have the cause confused with the effect:

Itâs not just the wealth itself that attracts women, itâs that wealthy men tend to be self-confident and assertive. Similarly, it’s not just that good looks attracts women, it’s that physically attractive men have been told their whole life that getting women should be easy for them – so it’s easy for them to feel confident around beautiful women. 

This isnât to say that looks donât matter or that being wealthy isnât an advantage. Itâs simply pointing out that looks and money arenât the whole equation.

Anyone Can Increase Their Status

Fortunately, anyone can learn to adopt the high-status behaviors that women are attracted to. But itâs not easy. Thereâs a catch-22 here: trying to adopt new high-status behaviors will make you uncomfortable, and discomfort in social interactions is a sign of low-status.

Simply put: you canât fake high-status behaviors. Yet, you have to change your behavior if you want to become more attractive to women. But there is a solution, what Iâm about to tell you is one of the most important subtleties when it comes to success with women:

To become more attractive to women, you must become less attractive to women, first.

Any new high-status behaviors you try to adopt are going to be outside your comfort zone. For example, approaching an attractive woman and expressing interest in her is a high-status behavior. But if youâre not used to doing it, youâre going to feel uncomfortable during your first attempts. That discomfort is something the girl will sense – sheâll be able to tell youâre anxious talking to her.

Your attempt at doing something only a high status guy would do – approaching an attractive stranger – is going to make you nervous, and therefore, youâll come across as having low-status.

But if you keep approaching women, eventually, the dynamic will shift. You will become comfortable with the act of approaching a woman. Once approaching becomes effortless, your body language, vocal tonality, and overall demeanor will come across as highly confident: now, women will instinctually assume youâre a high-status guy when you approach them.

Itâs so important to know that to get better with women, you must get worse first.

Most guys who learn about the pickup community quit before they get the results they want. These guys are inspired by an article or a book, so they try to approach some women.

Unfortunately, it doesnât go as well as they hoped. Their first approaches are a bit awkward. This frustrates them so much that they entirely give up on the idea on of picking up women.

Some guys give up after a week, others give up after a few months – but the underlying reason is always the same: Approaching women is uncomfortable at first. Plus, you donât get very good results on your first attempts. Giving up seems completely natural.

Becoming the high-status guy that women fall for is a challenging process. You must be willing to embrace a pain period where your attempts at attracting women fail.

But as you fail again and again, you will stop fearing failure. When you can approach a girl without being afraid of getting rejected by her, you will come across as infinitely more attractive to her.

That wraps up How To Attract Women With Status, Part 1.

In part 2 of this series, Iâm going to give you a step-by-step guide to increasing your status by approaching women. This guide will help you break through approach anxiety, build your self-confidence, and get to a point where youâre consistently improving your dating life.

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