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How To Be An Attractive Man (By Increasing Your Sexual Value)

December 19, 2019

The more sexual value you have, the more attractive you will be to women. There are two aspects of sexual value: physical and psychological.

Physical value includes things like your physique, your height, your style, and your grooming.

Psychological value includes things like your vocal tonality, body language, eye contact, humor, and confidence.

(Watch the above video to learn how to increase your psychological value).

You can improve both your physical and psychological value A LOT, and I recommend working on both. 

However, people often think that improving their physical value will solve all their problems and focus on it as a form of productive procrastination. 

Yes, being ripped will make you more attractive, but you’ll still have to learn how to approach women, how to build your confidence, etc.

Be careful of the trap, “I’ll start meeting girls once my physical value is high enough.” This rarely works out. Besides, even if your physical value has a lot of room for improvement, some women will go on dates with you so long as you approach them with confidence.

Conversely, no women will go on dates with you if you stay in your mancave downing protein shakes and never go out.

How to increase your value:

Physical value:

  • Go to the gym/follow a diet. The Keto diet worked well for me, but it was hard to maintain. I’ve also had success using a calorie counting app like Lifesum and eating the calories it recommended based on my weight and goals. A lot of guys who are skinny often struggle, to gain muscle. Nine times out of ten it’s because they’re not eating enough calories. If you’re having trouble gaining weight the key is to count your calories and make sure you’re eating enough to gain muscle.
  • Get nice clothes that fit well (brands like Zara and ASOS are affordable and generally look good). 
  • Get a nice haircut at somewhere like Toni And Guy and ask them for grooming advice.

Psychological value:

  • Put yourself in challenging social situations (like approaching women); this will help you become more confident as you will see that your anxieties/fears are unwarranted (nothing bad will happen to you). For a step-by-step guide to doing this, check out The Five Pillars of Game: https://thefivepillarsofgame.com/p/tfp
  • Read/watch good inner-game content. A positive mindset will change the way you interact with people. Here’s a few suggestions:
      • Models by Mark Manson (I strongly disagree with a few of his points, but overall it’s one of the best books about attracting women that’s been written).
      • The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene (This book has a lot of manipulation in it, but if you avoid those parts it’s still the best book ever written for understanding how to make someone fall in love with you).
      • Tay Social (he shows great infield examples of the power of sexual intent).
      • My own content (obviously, I’m biased: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4kTcVi-b_9qQnMCRG9WggA)

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