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How To Demonstrate Higher Value (Without Looking Like A Tool)

February 7, 2018

How To Demonstrate Higher Value (Without Looking Like A Tool)


“Then she told me she was a Victoria’s Secret angel! I knew she was a ten, but I didn’t know I had just banged a supermodel. Anyway, I felt really good on my ride home in my Lamborghini that day. What did you say your name was, again?”


“Nice to meet you Julie, anyway, you know what I care about more than material things? Knowledge. That’s why I read a book a day when I’m not running one of my 25 businesses.”


What Is A DHV?


DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value) storytelling is an old-school pickup concept popularized by Mystery.

Mystery is the one in the middle.

The idea behind DHV storytelling is that you share an anecdote (like the one above) to convey that you have a lot of value to offer. You talk about the fact that you know hot girls, how you have a cool life, and maybe even casually throw in how successful you are.

Obviously, the example I gave is a parody of DHV storytelling. If you were to talk like that, you’d just look like an idiot.

My old roommate would always bring up the fact that he was a Raytheon engineer within the first two minutes of approaching a girl.

On the surface, it makes sense why this would help him get laid. He’s directly telling the girl that he is wealthy, which is certainly a plus.

But here’s the problem. She has no way to know that he’s telling the truth. He could just be lying to get in her pants. Demonstrating higher value through what you say rarely works because it’s hard to trust someone’s intentions when they’re doing it.

DHV storytelling is a method that appeals to a woman’s logical side, it’s a way of submitting your resume to a girl.

Girls don’t want you to give her a resume, they want you to give her a feeling.

Yes, it is important that a girl believes you have high value. If you don’t seem like you represent the warm end of the pool, why would she sleep with you?

However, you can’t just tell her you have high value, you’ll just make yourself look like a tool. Instead, you must show her that you have high value.

The following X2strategies will demonstrate your value to a girl, without coming off as try-hard.


1. Demonstrate Higher Value with Leadership

Have you ever worked at a restaurant where the fat, slobby manager slept with all the hot waitresses?

This happens because women are attracted to leadership. The fact that this manager was telling other people what to do made the female employees unconsciously feel that he was a high-quality mate.

Now, it might seem that it was the man’s title of manager that made him attractive, but that’s inaccurate: it was how he behaved because he was manager that made him attractive.

The manager has a lot of power and makes a lot of decisions. This is what’s attractive about him. This is what acts as a DHV for him.

Even if you’re not a manager, you can demonstrate high value by acting as a leader. The simplest way to accomplish this is to call the shots.

If you’re interacting with a girl, make decisions, if you met her during the day, ask her to join you for a cup of coffee. If you met her during the night, ask her to join you outside for a breath of fresh air.

The more you call the shots, the more the girl will realize that you have high value as a leader.

It’s important that you don’t ask for permission, “Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee, perhaps?” Is much less attractive then, “Let’s go get a cup of coffee.” You don’t need to be domineering but do make sure to be decisive in your leading.

2. Demonstrate Higher Value by Showing Sexual Intent


Showing sexual intent is a DHV because of what it implies. If you’re talking to an attractive girl, and you make it clear that you’re sexually interested in her, it implies that you must have been with other attractive women.

If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be able to confidently show your interest (guys who don’t get hot girls don’t show intent).

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, showing sexual interest actually implies that you’re a good sexual option.

At this point, I mostly show sexual intent with my eye contact. By holding strong, confident eye contact, I am creating sexual tension while also showing strong intent.

I rarely show intent by complimenting a girl on how sexy she looks. To do so takes away some of the mystery for the girl, it’s giving away my hand, so to speak.

However, when I was newer to the game, I did make a point to use direct openers/lines as a way of practicing showing intent. I would tell a girl something like, “I saw you across the room and thought you were stunning, so I had to introduce myself.”

This helped me get comfortable with showing sexual intent. Once I got comfortable with saying such direct lines, I dropped the training wheels and started showing intent non-verbally.

So, if the idea of telling a girl something like, “You’re beautiful,” is nerve-wracking to you, then I suggest practicing doing so until it’s comfortable for you.

Practicing showing sexual intent in that way will help you get over your internal resistance to showing sexual intent. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to show sexual intent through nonverbal cues like your eye-contact.

An inability to show sexual intent is one of the most common sticking points guys have. There are so many guys who can talk to a girl, but are terrified of sexualizing the interaction in any real way, because to do so risks getting rejected as a potential suitor (which would be a blow to their ego).

I get it. Not being able to show sexual intent was a big problem for me, but once I got over it, I got so much more effective at attracting women.

Showing sexual intent is a powerful DHV, and it’s something that once you master, will transform your dating life.

Conclusion- How to Demonstrate Higher Value Without Looking Like A Tool


The two above behaviors are the most effective ways to demonstrate higher value.

There are other strategies: having fun (because only a person who has high value can let loose enough to have fun in a social interaction) and using preselection (being surrounded by other attractive women shows that you must be desirable), are a couple examples.

However, showing sexual intent and taking a leadership role are the most consistent ways to DHV yourself. This is because although you can’t always be surrounded by attractive women, and you won’t always be in a fun mood, you can always lead an interaction forward and show sexual intent.

It may be hard to believe if you haven’t experienced it first hand, but if you behave in a way that shows a girl you’re a high value guy who sleeps with attractive women, then women will assume you really are that guy.

And, as a result, they will categorize you as a sex-worthy guy who they want to let loose with.

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