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How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number With Ease

April 24, 2018

How to Get A Girl’s Phone Number With Ease


He knew it was time to go for the close, so he told this beautiful girl he just met, “Hey, would you like to get, um, cake with me sometime?”

“Sure,” she said, “I love cake.”

“Okay, um, what’s your . . .”

The girl interrupted, “Sorry, I’m not giving you my number.”

Then, she sauntered off – he would never see her again.

” Sorry, I’m not giving you my number.”

My friend from the above story still has nightmares in which he hears that girl say, “Sorry, I’m not giving you my number.”

Just kidding. He brushed off that rejection like a champ and got several more girls to exchange numbers with him only minutes later.

Truth is, learning how to get a girl’s phone number is actually easy.

If you know how to approach women with confidence, most women will give you their number if you ask.

Occasionally a girl might reject you, but even if she does, it’s not going to be nearly as humiliating as you imagine it.

The worst rejection I’ve gotten when asking a girl for her number was, “Sorry, I’m not interested in you like that.”

That’s as bad as it gets. Believe it or not, most girls will give you their number even if they’re not that into you.

Learning how to get a girl’s phone number is only hard if you think it’s hard.

Trust me. I’ve gone out with some of the most awkward guys you can imagine, and even they could easily get girls to hand over their digits just by approaching and making the ask.


Okay, it’s easy, but what do you actually say to get a girl’s number? What’s the line?

The most important thing to consider when asking a girl for her number is whether she knows that you want to hang out with her later.

When you ask a girl for her number, clarify your intentions. Let her know why you want her number. That way, when you text her, she’ll know that you’re not texting her to be her pen pal, you’re texting her to set up a date.

To do this, simply say something like:

You: Hey, you’re interesting to talk to. We should get coffee sometime.

Her: Yeah, that sounds fun.

You: Cool, what’s your number.


That’s it. If you want to further solidify your plans, you can say something like, “What are you doing on Thursday at 7 PM” (the specific time is a random example).

Then, if she says she’s free, you can follow up with, “Cool, let’s get coffee at Starbucks at that time.” (or if you’re too cool for Starbucks, the hipster coffee joint you prefer)

By making specific plans in person, you’re making those plans feel real to her. Going to get coffee with you isn’t something hypothetical, it’s a specific plan at a particular time and place.


When To Ask For Her Number


So, when do you actually ask for her number?

Any time after you and she have established a good rapport. If you only talk to a girl 30 seconds and ask for her number, it’s not very likely to lead to a date. At the same time, if you only have 30 seconds to talk to a girl (because she’s in a hurry to get somewhere), it’s better to ask for the number than not.

In the past I’ve talked with a girl for a solid hour and she still ended up flaking on our date. Other times, I’ve talked with a girl for all of two minutes before getting her number and we ended up going on multiple dates.

Don’t worry too much about when you ask for a girl’s number. Instead, just make sure that if you like a girl you get her number before she walks away – because when she’s gone, you’ll probably never see her again.

Wrapping Up How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

If you think learning how to get a girl’s phone number is hard, you’ve probably never approached a woman and asked for her number. Getting numbers is much easier than most guys think.

Even if you’re new to approaching women, you can successfully get a Rolodex of girl’s numbers in a short amount of time. Most of those numbers probably won’t lead to dates, but some will.

Maybe only 10% of your numbers will lead to dates, yet that 10% adds up over time.

Of course, learning the following will help:

How to make girls chase you,

How to be more attractive,

How to make deep connections with the women you meet.

how to take the lead.

Learning skills like the above will help you increase the ratio of numbers that lead to actual dates (and how often dates lead to sex).

If you want success with women, take it one step at a time. Start approaching women today and start asking those women for their numbers. Your results may not be amazing at first, but they’ll still be better than the other 99% of guys who are unwilling to turn off their x-box and go take control of their dating lives.




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