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How To ‘Hypnotize’ A Girl With Your Personality

September 10, 2018

Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility. If you can hypnotize someone, you can influence them to think what you want them to think, to feel what you want them to feel, and to do what you want them to do.

Popular culture makes hypnosis seem like something you induce by counting slowly from 10-1 while swinging a pocket watch back and forth.

In reality, though, hypnosis is a natural state that we drift in and out of every single day. When we become totally absorbed in a TV show, we enter hypnosis. When we have a conversation so immersive that we lose track of time, we enter hypnosis.

You don’t need to buy a pocket watch and learn an induction script to hypnotize people. All you must do is implement a few natural behaviors that will allow you to open anyone’s subconscious mind to your influence.

Learning to ‘hypnotize’ women with your personality may seem immoral – but consider the fact that women hypnotize men by enhancing their physical appearance. Makeup, high-heels, tight dresses, hair extensions: these things all make a woman appear more attractive than she naturally is.

When a woman is physically beautiful, we as men are more vulnerable to her influence. This is because of what psychologists call the ‘halo effect,’ which states that when someone appears attractive, we subconsciously assume they are smarter, more capable, kinder, and generally a better person.

Women enhance their physical appearance to hypnotize men. As a man, your primary weapon of influence is your personality. If your demeanor makes a woman feel the right emotions, she will enter a state of ‘hypnosis’ while interacting with you. As a result, you will be able to make her feel whatever you want her to feel – including sexual desire.

In this article, you’re going to learn 2 powerful strategies for naturally inducing a state of hypnosis in the women you interact with, effortlessly and unconsciously.


Cultivate A Calm Demeanor

A calm demeanor is the fundamental trait of a hypnotic personality. Influence is subtlem not forceful.

Men often learn that to attract women, we should say outrageous things and speak with the passion of a Shakespearean actor.

Such emotional intensity is not hypnotic. Instead, you want to have a soothing effect. Your personality should make a girl feel at ease. Speak slowly and calmly, use gentle – rather than forceful – body language. And, most importantly, listen carefully to what she says.

The key to making this work is focusing outwardly rather than inwardly.

When in a conversation, most people think about themselves: they think about what they’re going to say next and whether they’re coming across as confident and cool.

To be hypnotic, you should do the opposite. Pay close attention to what the girl is saying, be aware of the emotions she’s feeling (I.E. “Does she seem comfortable or nervous, why?”). Instead of thinking about what you can get from her, think about what value you can provide to her.

By speaking slowly and focusing outwardly, the women you meet will not feel that you want something from them. They will sense that you are trustworthy, and in turn, they will let their guard down. This is the first step to entering a state of hypnosis.

Leading and Pacing


So far, you’ve learned how to cultivate a calm demeanor that will make women open to your influence. The next step to hypnotizing a girl with your personality is leading and pacing.

Overall, you want to let the girl do most of the talking, but you still must lead the conversation in a productive direction.

Your goal is to get her to talk about things that are emotionally vulnerable: the kinds of things she doesn’t usually tell strangers (in this Youtube clip you can see I get a girl to talk about her bad drug trips).

Getting her to do this will deepen her trust towards you. She will rationalize that if she’s telling you such personal stories, you must be someone she is intimately comfortable with.

You might be thinking, “Why is it so important to make a girl trust me?”

For women, sex and trust go hand in hand. If a girl has sex with you she has to trust that you won’t murder her or rape her (which is a real concern because you’re probably twice her size), and she has to trust that you won’t slut shame her and ruin her reputation (which is also a legitimate concern). Trust is the key that unlocks the door of influence – without trust, you cannot make a woman do or feel anything.

To lead the conversation in a vulnerable direction, start by asking questions like:

“What are you passionate about?”

“Have you ever been in love?”

“What do you think women really want in a man?”

“Have you ever done any drugs?”

By asking these type of questions, you will lead the conversation towards intimate topics. Oftentimes, when you ask these kind of questions, the girl will reply by giving you a surface level answer.

If, for example, you ask, “What are you passionate about?” She might just say, “Helping people.” That’s a start, but you want to go deeper. This is where leading comes in: say something vulnerable that will make her feel comfortable doing the same.

To continue with the above example, you might say, “I like helping people too. That’s why I decided to study psychology. I want to help people with anxiety and depression. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with panic disorder, and it was really hard to go through that without any help. That’s why I want to help people who are going through something similar recover more efficiently than I did.”

By saying that, you’ve opened the floodgates to a vulnerable conversation. She might mention that she’s dealt with anxiety or depression herself (you’d be surprised how many people have), or she might talk about how she wants to help people with her specific career choice, or she may talk about her own struggles in life that she had trouble overcoming.

Once you engage in vulnerable conversation, the girl will trust you on a deep level. (Remember, the key is usually to offer up a vulnerable anecdote about yourself before she will feel comfortable doing the same.)

You can use any of the above questions (or your own similar questions) to spark a similarly intimate conversation.

For example, you might ask a girl whether she’s ever been in love. She probably won’t offer anything more than, “ Yeah I have.” To deepen the conversation, you can talk about your own experiences with being in love so that she’ll feel comfortable doing the same.

If your demeanor is calm and you talk about emotionally rich topics, the girl will slip into a state of hypnosis (which really just means she’s open to your influence).

What To Do When She’s ‘Hypnotized’

Once a girl is in a state of hypnosis, you can easily  make her feel a powerful sexual attraction for you. There are two powerful ways you can use to accomplish this:

1. Hold strong eye-contact

Steady eye-contact greatly increases sexual attraction between a man and a woman.

Most of the time, a woman will not hold  particularly strong eye contact with a guy she’s just met, but if she’s in a state of hypnosis, she will.

The easiest way to make stronger eye-contact in your interactions with women is to watch an “eye-contact practice” video on Youtube once per day. The concept behind these videos is a bit strange, but they work.

Your brain can’t tell the difference between a girl looking at you in a video and a girl looking at you in real life. By practicing holding eye contact with the girl in the video, you will develop a habit of making strong eye contact that will carry over to your real life interactions with women.

2. Get yourself into a sexual state

There is a principle in psychology called emotional contagion. Put simply, it means that when one person feels an emotion, the people around them will feel that emotion, too. (If you’ve ever been yelled at, you know what it’s like to have someone else’s emotions transferred onto you).

The same applies to positive emotions. Sexual arousal is a transferable state. So, if you can get yourself into a sexual state, that state will transfer onto the woman you’re interacting with.

This effect will be even more powerful if the girl is in a state of hypnosis – because she will be more receptive to your influence.

To get yourself into a sexual state, appreciate the woman’s beauty. Don’t just look at her as a person, but look at her as a sexual being: as someone that you want to give pleasure to and get pleasure from. To heighten this effect, you can even visualize yourself and her engaging in different sexual acts.

If this sounds ‘creepy’ that’s a sign that you’ve been conditioned to repress your sexuality when interacting with attractive women. Oftentimes, that very conditioning is the true reason we have trouble seducing women.

Women want to be seduced, they want to meet a guy with a strong sexual charge.Unfortunately, most guys are too uncomfortable with their sexuality to give women the carnal experience they secretly desire.

Start experimenting with this. Learn how to get yourself into a sexual state, and you’ll see that women respond to you in ways you previously didn’t imagine possible (especially if you get her into a state of hypnosis, first).

Wrapping up: How To ‘Hypnotize’ A Girl With Your Personality


Hypnosis isn’t some magic trick reserved for old men with Snidely Whiplash-esque mustaches. It’s a state of emotional openness that we naturally enter on a regular basis.

Using the strategies you’ve learned in this article, you’ll be able to consistently bring women into this influenceable state.

Once a girl becomes receptive to your influence, she will be more receptive to having a sexual interaction with you. Use strong eye contact and bring yourself into a sexual state to create sexual tension with her.

Then, you’ll be able to lead the interaction in whatever direction you want.


If you’re concerned that this is manipulative, consider the difference between manipulation and influence.

When you manipulate someone, you’re convincing them to do something against their best interests.

When you influence someone, you’re convincing someone to do something that will benefit them.

If you think having a sexual relationship with you isn’t in a woman’s best interest, then using the strategies you learned in this article would be manipulative.

If you think having a sexual relationship with you is in a woman’s best interest, then the strategies in this article will only make you influential.

A lot of men don’t believe they have much to offer women sexually (I used to be this way). If that’s you, I recommend reading these articles:


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