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How To Make A Girl Want You (Discover The 5 Emotions Women Can’t Resist)

April 25, 2019

In this article, you will learn why most men turn women off without knowing what they’re doing wrong. And you’ll learn exactly how to avoid falling into that trap (by making women addicted to your personality like a drug).

How To Make A Girl Want You

It is in our nature to seek pleasure and avoid pain. If something makes us feel good, we’ll want more of it. On the other hand, when something makes us feel uncomfortable, we’ll want to avoid that activity in the future.

This applies not only to activities, but to people: when someone we meet makes us feel good, we want to be around them more. And the better someone makes us feel, the more addicted to their personality we become.

You can use the power of your personality to make a woman experience a wide range of emotions, and if her overall experience of you was positive enough, she’ll want to see more of you.

How Make A Girl Want You part 2:
The Paradox of Positive Emotions

On the surface, this sounds simple: you should make a girl feel positive emotions. Make her feel validated, make her laugh, etc.

When learning how to make a girl want you, there’s a key distinction you must understand: sometimes, seemingly positive emotions are actually a negative experience, and seemingly negative emotions are a positive experience.

Complimenting a girl should make her feel good, but if you overdo it, she’ll think you have an agenda: you’re complimenting this girl because you want to get something in return.

Or look at teasing. When you tell a girl that she’s a dork, on the surface, you’re saying something negative, but teasing has a positive implication. When you tease a girl, you’re implying that you don’t care whether she rejects you. Which, in turn, suggests that you must be a high status guy. And interacting with a high status guy is an intrinsically positive experience.

Counterintuitively, saying something ‘mean’ to a woman can imply that you are a high value guy. Being nice, on the other hand, can imply that you’re a low value guy. So, offering value isn’t about the surface level of communication as much as it is about the underlying implications of what you’re saying.

Furthermore, predictability is a negative experience and unpredictability is a positive experience. A lot of men think being constantly friendly and agreeable will make women like them. But from a girl’s perspective, interacting with a nice guy is like listening to a song in which one note gets played over and over again.

If, instead, you hit a variety of emotional notes in a conversation, your unpredictability will make you exciting to talk to.

A girl shouldn’t be able to guess whether you’re going to compliment her, tease her, make her laugh, or disagree with her. Unpredictability is addictive. Look at slot machines – they are nothing more than mindless games in which you repeatedly press a button, and it’s well known that the odds are stacked against you as the player.

Yet, slot machines are so addictive that the government has created a program where you can request to be banned from gambling in your state (so that you’ll stop wasting time and money on gambling).

Slot machines offer one thing: unpredictability. Scientific research has found that we are easily hooked on activities that give us uncertain rewards.

Another example of how randomized rewards are addictive is social media. When we go to Facebook or Instagram, there’s a feed that we scroll down. We don’t know what we’re going to see: the possibility that we might come across something interesting on the feed addicts us to these platforms.

Do you feel great while you’re scrolling through a social media feeds? Probably not. But the unpredictability of these platforms is in itself a form of emotional value – it’s something we can’t get enough of.

So, when I say offer value, I’m not suggesting that you are nice and constantly positive. Instead, I’m suggesting that you make women feel an unpredictable range of strong emotions. And if you do this well, women will become addicted to your personality just like they become addicted to Instagram. Offering emotional value is the essence of charisma, it’s the ‘it factor’ that will make women magnetically attracted to your presence.

The following are the most powerful emotions you can make women experience (each with a link to a relevant article):

  1. Sexual Tension
  2. Positive Energy
  3. Dominance
  4. Humor
  5. Charm

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